I recorded and capped both the Myspace Livestream and MTV Livestream. Unfortunately the Myspace video doesn’t have audio, but Anna pretty much talked to both interviewers about her upcoming projects and how she is wanting to take a break after I’m with Cancer and just drive across the country. After Anna’s myspace interview, she greets and hugs Quentin Aaron from the Blind Side. Anna also mentioned that she is definately going to be going to Comic Con this year, and will be taking her mom. She also apparently loves watching Lord of the Rings and has annual marathons of the extended additions! Who knew?

Eclipse Premiere – MTV Livestream


Anna Kendrick can completely relate to the throngs of “Twilight” fans who spent the last few days camped out outside the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles for the “Eclipse” premiere. In fact, there was a time in Kendrick’s life when she did the same exact thing, except her object of devotion was a rock band. And then there’s her whole “Lord of the Rings” obsession, too.
“I camped out to see the Strokes. I was obsessed with Julian Casablancas. I had a huge crush,” the Oscar nominee revealed to MTV News about her fandom at the “Eclipse” premiere. “And I was and still am obsessed with ‘Lord of the Rings.’ I do an annual marathon of the extended editions. It’s hard-core.”

While plans for a Strokes biopic have yet to be announced, it seems that Kendrick can at least live out her “Lord of the Rings” fantasies in the soon-to-be-made “Hobbit” flick. “Believe me! I spend many nights wondering that!” she explained. “This is officially my feeler.”

So would she be up for playing Bilbo Baggins, originally played by Ian Holm? “Cate Blanchett did it!” she laughed, referring to the actress’ role in “I’m Not There.” “She was Bob Dylan!”

Of course the night’s big topic was “Eclipse” and its killer music. “I’m blown away by the soundtrack. And Metric’s one of my favorites,” she said of the band, which has a song on the soundtrack. Luckily Kendrick will have more than one chance to hear them. “Metric does tracks for ‘Scott Pilgrim’ too, so I’m feeling awesome about summer movies.” {MTV}

Eclipse Premiere – Myspace Livestream