Paper Mag’s Beautiful People 2010

Anna Kendrick piles her hair on top of her head in this shot from Paper Mag’s Beautiful People 2010 issue.

The 24-year-old actress opened up about her future, working with Jason Reitman and her Oscar nod reaction. Check it:

On her Oscar nod: “You find out with the rest of the world. I was too nervous to watch the nominations on TV, so I went for a jog, but my phone started going off. I sprinted back home, cracked a bottle of champagne and started drinking it before I realized it was 5 a.m.”

On looking forward to bumps in the road: “Meryl Streep was in Stuck on You, so no one’s career is perfect.”

On learning that the role of Natalie was written for her specifically: “When he told me, I just tried to act really cool. I wasn’t all that successful at it.”

source: Just Jared

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