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The California Chronicle:

To most of the country, Anna Kendrick’s celebrated performance in the film “Up in the Air” makes her seem like an overnight success.

But to people in Maine, who have been hearing about the Portland native’s talent and dramatic triumphs since she was in middle school, her success seems more gradual. . . .

Reviewers have lauded Kendrick’s performance and called her a scene stealer.

Kendrick, 24, began acting as a child in theater productions around Portland. At the age of 12 she played the kid sister in a revival of “High Society” on Broadway and was nominated for a Tony Award.

Before starting her senior year at Deering High School in Portland she starred in the indie film hit “Camp,” about a summer camp for musical theater junkies. Later she was in another indie- type hit, “Rocket Science.” She was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for her roles in both films.

Recently, Kendrick has been a supporting player in the “Twilight Saga” films, both “Twilight” and “New Moon.” She plays Jessica, friend to Bella, the main female character. She’s scheduled to reprise her role in the third film in the series, “Eclipse.”

What happens after that for Kendrick is hard to say. She’s so busy that she wasn’t able to be interviewed for this story. And her publicist said she probably wouldn’t be available until after the Oscars.

By that time, the whole country might know her story. {Maine native’s breakout film earns her kudos, nominations}

The Grand Rapid’s Press:

Imagine George Clooney giving you permission to make fun of him. That’s exactly what happened to Anna Kendrick while filming “Up in the Air,” the multiple-Golden Globe nominee that opened Wednesday in local theaters. To cultivate their on-screen chemistry — and alleviate any potential nervousness from the 24-year-old actress — Clooney asked Kendrick to unleash the same degree of mildly abusive condescension upon him when the cameras weren’t rolling.

“He gave me permission to give him a hard time and play around, and make me more comfortable on set,” Kendrick said during a recent telephone interview.

She adds glibly: “People tend to be uncomfortable around the most famous person on the planet.”
. . .

“I do something in the [Twilight] films that most characters aren’t allowed to do,” she said. “I try to be silly and break the mood, provide a little relief. By no means do I think my role is really serious, but my character takes herself seriously. To her, high-school drama is the end of the world.”

“I don’t think of myself as someone who’s trying to make people laugh,” she said. “I’m not one of those ‘funny girls.'” {‘Up in the Air’ star Anna Kendrick was discovered as debate champion in ‘Rocket Science’}


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