Lucky fan Cesy got to meet Anna when she arrived for “It’s on with Alexa Chung”. Here’s what she said about the experience, and her awesome video (with pics)! below:

they literally had to pull her away, but shes still nice & prettyyy, ^_^ when my sis was ganna take the pic, i told her “make it pretty” which caused Anna to giggle 🙂

I’ve been updating the Anna Kendrick Net Youtube, and managed to find a very old and exclusive interview I had saved up, enjoy :):



Playing Bella’s high school BFF in the film version of the Twilight saga, allowed the very petite and talent-packed actress Anna Kendrick to appear kinda clueless but, she’s telling us that Natalie, the control-freak, ambitious and competent young business-dynamo she plays in the dramady Up in the Air is a little more in her personal ballpark.

As we’re sitting down with Anna in Beverly Hills, we’re impressed with this spunky actress who is all stylish in black dress accessorized with super high black heels and a huge black onyx ring.

Anna says she got dating advice from her suave co-star George Clooney (hey, he oughta know, right?) She admits that she had fun letting go along with her character in her drunk, partying scenes.

Since the film poses the theory that our social and work interactions are too impersonal due to modern technology, we wanted to know where Anna stands on texting and e-mail vs. in personal encounters. So, let’s get “Up in the Air” with Anna….

TeenHollywood: This movie shows how modern technology has replaced actually spending time and interacting with other people. In your own life, do you text more than you see people?

Anna: I try not to. I’ve tried iChat now. I’ve tried Facebook, but I’m off Facebook. I can’t do any of that Facebook or MySpace stuff. I feel like it’s a really false way of staying in touch. There are people I want to keep in my life, and there are people that I’ve had to let go of because I feel like a texting relationship or a Facebook relationship is a false relationship. I try to be better about staying in touch with people I’m close to. If it has to be over text or phone then so be it, but I’m much better at in-person interaction. {Twilight’s Anna Kendrick Broke Up Via E-Mail!}

Herald Sun:

Kendrick says that despite Twilight’s success, she has “only 65,000 followers on Twitter” and few celebrity moments.

“I get a couple more girls coming up to me in airports to ask me for autographs, but other than that, my day-to-day life is exactly the same.”

Jessica, she says, was fun and easy to play. “I know what my purpose is in those movies. I’m a device to move along certain scenes,” she says.

“I don’t need to do extensive investigation into the character’s background. But I do feel like I am a piece of the puzzle, and I have to do my piece right or the puzzle doesn’t work.” {Twilight star Anna Kendrick steals scenes from George Clooney in Up in the Air }

E! Online Blogs:

“I always feel like someone’s going to catch me in some gorgeous gown, but they’ll realize that I’m the girl who usually wears Converse and then kick me out of the party,” Kendrick tells me.

Of the partying Kendrick will likely be doing with Mr. Clooney, she laughs, “Maybe I’ll try to keep up with him and see what a disaster that will be.”

Soon after the Golden Globe contenders were announced yesterday, Kendrick emailed costar and fellow nominee Vera Farmiga. “I was like, ‘Best Golden Globes table ever? I think so!'” she says. “I can’t believe everybody’s nominated. It’s going to be the best party.”

Among those congratulating Kendrick was a certain Twi-star. “Kristen [Stewart] sent me a text,” she said. “She sent me a really, really sweet text.”

Since then, she’s picked up a nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award, too.

So, will Kendrick prepare any of her possible acceptance speeches? It probably doesn’t matter one way or the other, because she doesn’t think she’d be able to talk much. “Oh,” Kendrick says, “I’ll be blubbering like a baby.”

If there’s any doubt Kendrick can’t handle the glam of it all, check her out in the new issue of Vanity Fair. The photo of her is killer.

“I feel like I don’t even look like me,” the 24-year-old starlet says. “I’m like, ‘Oh, my God! I look like a grown-up.'” {Anna Kendrick: From Twilight to Red Carpet Royalty}

The Hollywood Interview:

Jason Reitman has said that he wrote the role of Natalie with you in mind, but you did, in fact, have to read for it also. I know that was the case with Vera Farmiga as well.

Anna Kendrick: Yeah, but, I mean, it made a little more sense with me, than it did with Vera, just because I’m not famous. I’m not a name. I’m sure they could’ve gotten anybody they wanted, and I had to kind of prove myself to people who had doubts, I guess. In the end, I guess, I’m glad that I had to go in and prove that I had the goods, because otherwise I would’ve just gone into the movie being unsure that he really wanted me, and thinking, you know, “Couldn’t somebody else have done it better?” [laughs]

At the age of 12, you were nominated for a Tony for your role in “High Society.” What do you remember now about that heady experience?

Very little. I mean, I remember being incredibly honored and overwhelmed, but at the same time, you know, you’re twelve years old. And you miss home, you miss your friends, and you know what a big deal it is…but at twelve there’s just no way to fully understand what it means to be nominated for a Tony Award. But in the end, I think that’s good because my little twelve-year-old head would have exploded if I’d been able to wrap my brain around it. In a way, I feel like it happened to a different person.

There were a few years between Camp and Rocket Science where you weren’t seen on-screen much. Did you intentionally take time off?

No, I did a show in between shooting, and then I did a pilot or something, but listen, there are times when you’re just not working. It wasn’t intentional. It’s those kind of times that I think about when people ask me about, you know, how great my career is going, and that kind of thing, I keep thinking about all the times that I was unemployed.

You’ve already finished your shooting on Eclipse. Do you think you’ll be in the fourth film, Breaking Dawn, also?

I doubt it, just because I’m not really in the books, so I’m assuming that I’m not.
{ANNA KENDRICK: The Hollywood Interview}

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