New Gallery Header, Photoshoot Image, Article

top As promised, I’ve given the Anna Kendrick Net Media Archive a new Header. Not too much changed, but considering graphics aren’t my forte, I figure I get bragging rights :P! We have also reached the 10,000 mark on photo count, the biggest AK Gallery on the web, despite what other sites might claim ;). I’ve also added 1 new Photoshoot image from the Purple Magazine shoot taken by Tyler William Perry:

I’ve browsed the Purple Magazine Archives, but I’m not sure Anna ever actually appeared in the magazine. Does anyone know otherwise? Give us a holler at

Lastly, there is a new article with a new quote from Anna, in which she mentions meeting Reece Witherspoon:

As to young Anna Kendrick, the director said he wrote the part for her. “Of course he didn’t tell me that at the audition,” Anna said. Her role as a young protégé, a sidekick in the sloppy business of efficiently laying workers off, is sure to win her a Best Supporting Actress nomination. She is so pert and snappily efficient, she reminded me of Reese Witherspoon in Election. I get a lot of that, she said, and when I met Reese Witherspoon I told her, to wit Witherspoon replied, “You must hate that, being compared to me.” “Are you kidding,” said Kendrick, “I love that.” {Grounding Up in the Air}

I wonder if she mentioned George’s crude comment at the Toronto Film Festival Up in the Air Press Conference that Jason originally wrote Anna’s Up in the Air role for Reese!

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