Camp Screencaps & Special Features

I’ve re-capped Anna’s 2003 movie debut – ‘Camp’. The movie is about a musical theater camp of 14-15 year olds struggling with sexuality, love, and finding their voice. Anna plays Fritzi, a shy girl who ends up basically being a servant for a popular, mean girl. The movie is hilarious yet emotional; the tables really turn for Anna’s character and Anna’s musical number could be straight off Broadway! Definitely recommend :D:

Camp Screencaps X 539

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

Camp Special Features: The Making of Camp X 144

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

Camp Special Features: Live Cast Performance X 56

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

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