Anna lets us know on her latest Tweet that she’ll be on The Today Show, at 8 am EST tomorrow, ThursdayDecember 3rd about 9 hours ago from web:

# I’m doing the Today Show tomorrow morning so if you’re up at 8am you can watch me trying not to be nervous 🙂

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Here are some earlier Thanksgiving related tweets:

# Now on the sincerest note I can muster, I have SO much to be thankful for this year, I hope everyone is having a wonderful thanksgiving. 5:37 PM Nov 26th from web

Apparently London just doesn’t celebrate Turkey Day like the U.S ;-):

# Dear London shops, cranberries and pumpkin = delicious and good for you, thanksgiving or not. *cough… take the hint* Love, Anna 🙂 7:40 AM Nov 26th from web

If you haven’t yet seen Anna discussing her Twitter name yet, check out the Making Of clip here! And now for the dailies:

Can Mag:

On Natalie’s Hair don’t: “Oh God, thankfully I’m not responsible for that,” Kendrick said. “That pony tail looks so simple and I swear to God, they spent half an hour on it every day. There was teasing and stuff involved. It looks like it should’ve been really easy but I hated that pony tail by the end of the shoot.”

On her unlikely favorite shooting location: “We shot Detroit, St. Louis, Omaha, Miami and Las Vegas, and I was shooting in Vancouver at the same time. Honestly, Omaha was my favorite place. Miami was a nightmare. It was just sticky and strange and Omaha was so lovely and we were staying in the most generic chain hotel imaginable. It was actually so charming and lovely, I’m sure that that’s because I’m from Maine and it reminded me of home but I liked it a lot.”

Frequent Flier Miles: “I just got my first elite status thing, but I think that’s more because I’m terrible about keeping track of my miles and stuff. I would have more if I were a more organized traveler but I always forget to enter my code or swipe my card. It’s like the lowest status but I feel pretty baller about it. I’m a disorganized traveler. . .” {Anna Kendrick on Up in the Air}

NOW Toronto:

Anna Kendrick can’t catch a break.

“I’m in Twilight,” explains the young actor to the table of journalists at the Toronto Film Festival, “and I’m not a werewolf or a vampire. I’m in Scott Pilgrim and I don’t get to fight or be in a band. And I don’t get to make out with George Clooney. It’s tough. It’s a tough life.”

“Throughout the film, little pieces of hair start to fall down,” Kendrick says. “I remember shooting one scene and feeling like I was so dishevelled I might as well have looked homeless. Just because I was so used to the character being so prim and proper, and so in her box of never making a mistake, just one hair out of place made me feel completely exposed and completely vulnerable.”

“Every time I go through customs, they give me such a hard time when I say I’m an actor,” she says. “They’re so suspicious. They always ask, ‘Oh? What have you been in?’ And I usually just say Twilight, because most people have heard of that. The last time I was here, I said, ‘Oh, this film series called Twilight,’ and he said, ‘Oh, I don’t get the sci-fi channel.’

“It puts things in perspective.” {Holding her own opposite Clooney, Twilight’s Anna Kendrick is on her way Up}