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Anna has been a very hot commodity today as papers are trying to all get her reactions from this morning’s golden news!

E! News:

Entertainment Tonight:

George Clooney’s ‘Up in the Air’ co-star Anna Kendrick and director Jason Reitman were both honored with Golden Globe nominations for their work on the buzzed about dramedy — and ET is getting their reactions to the big news!

“It’s kind of unreal because you’re watching it live with a bunch of other people up that early and I don’t think you ever get used to hearing your name called out at five in the morning,” Reitman tells ET.

Meanwhile, Kendrick has only shared this moment with one other person.

“My roommate called me — but he was the only one that was awake!”

Although they hadn’t yet talked to co-star Clooney, the two couldn’t be happier for him being recognized as well.

“I think that’s wonderful and I think he totally deserves [it],” Kendrick says. “It’s one of my favorite performances of his.”

Reitman adds, “George is one of the most appreciative people I know, so I’m sure he’s thrilled.” {‘Up in the Air’ Golden Globe Nominees on Their Big Honor!}

The Associated Press:

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — “Up in the Air” landed at just the right time, emerging as a potential Academy Awards favorite with themes of job loss and economic calamity that offer a heartbreaking yet hilarious reflection of these hard times.

The film grabbed a leading six Golden Globe nominations Tuesday, including best drama, plus directing and screenplay honors for Jason Reitman. George Clooney earned a best dramatic actor slot as a frequent-flyer junkie traveling the country in first-class seats and premium car rentals as he fires the rank-and-file at downsizing companies.

“We just got a little lucky. Jason’s been writing this movie for like six or seven years now and it only really came about right at this moment, and he kind of adapted the screenplay to fit the times,” said Anna Kendrick, a supporting-actress nominee as a bright young efficiency expert whose innovations threaten the livelihood of Clooney’s character. “I think it’s a better movie for that.”

Kendrick’s competition includes “Up in the Air” co-star Vera Farmiga, who earned a supporting-actress honor as Clooney’s frequent-flyer dream woman. {‘Up in the Air’ soars at Globes on recession theme}


Q: Where were you when you found out this morning? A: I was in a green room at a morning show being pulled by arm to the stage to do my interview as they were saying the names Vera Farminga and Anna Kendrick and I got off the shortest ‘yay’ of all time. And then I ran to do my interview and the second they cut to the weather man I bounded back to the monitors to see screenplay, director, actor and picture.

Q: Was it nerve wracking that you were doing a morning show and maybe you may or may not get nominated? A: I was just hoping that the film would get nominated. You don’t get three acting nominations by accident no matter how talented your cast is. I was just hoping that Jason [Reitman] and the film would be recognized.

Q: You’ve been hearing for months all this was going to happen, but are you still stunned by the reaction to the film this morning? A: Everybody keeps asking me what I think this means for the future and I’m trying to enjoy this now, this moment. It’s really exciting and apparently the first thing I’m supposed to do is talk to a bunch of journalists. (Laughs.) I’m starting to feel as though journalists are my family because every time I get good news I talk to journalists first. I’ll invite you all around for Thanksgiving.

Q: Have you had fun on this whole journey or has it just been a non-stop ‘Up in the Air’ tour?
A: I try to have fun, it’s just stressful and I just try to navigate my way through what I’m supposed to do in all these situations. Everyone keeps telling me, ‘You only do this for the first time once and you should try to enjoy it,’ but I think like god willing if I ever get to do it again it will be a lot easier because I won’t be completely blindsided by everything.

Q: Is there anything you’re looking forward to at the Globes itself?
A: I’m just happy we are all gonna be there together and we did the math a little earlier to see if we could all sit at one table. That’s all I’m hoping for.

– Anna Kendrick, Best Supporting Actress nominee for ‘Up in the Air’ {Golden Globe Nominee Reactions: Anna Kendrick, Sandra Bullock and more}


The 24-year-old actress is nominated in the same category as stellar actresses including: Penelope Cruz (“Nine”), Vera Farmiga (“Up In The Air”), Mo’Nique (“Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”) and Julianne Moore (“A Single Man).

“Not bad company!” Kendrick remarked on “The Early Show”.

“Up in the Air’s” director, Jason Reitman, developed Kendrick’s character with her in mind.

“That was quite a piece of news to get. I did small film called ‘Rocket Science’ and he saw that and he told me after I got the part and that he had written it with me in mind, which I didn’t know when I auditioned, because he was afraid that information would psych me out and I would sort of choke in my audition,” Kendrick said. “So he told me afterwards and I was like, sitting over my plate of food trying to absorb that information as professionally as I possibly could.”

Kendrick has already won a Best Supporting Actress award from the National Board of Review and received a nomination from the Film Critic’s Choice Awards. (This past weekend, she was named runner-up to Mo’Nique for the film “Precious”).

The young actress isn’t new to the business – she was nominated for a Tony for her role as Dinah in “High Society” when she was just 12. {Anna Kendrick’s Breakthrough Year}


On Tuesday (December 15), it was announced that Anna Kendrick was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for her work in the George Clooney movie “Up in the Air.” Even before starring in that movie (which received the most Globe nominations this year) or playing chatterbox Jessica in the “Twilight” franchise, the 26-year-old actress has been receiving accolades for her work.

A musical-theater veteran, Kendrick has been nominated for a number of awards including a Tony nod in 1998 for her work in “High Society,” in which she played Dinah. At the time, she was the third-youngest person ever to get nominated for a Tony.

In addition to a number of stage productions, the actress appeared on TV shows like the short-lived “Viva Laughlin,” produced by Hugh Jackman, and smaller flicks like 2007’s “Rocket Science,” which is what caught the eye of “Up in the Air” director Jason Reitman.

“When I saw her in that movie, I just thought, ‘This girl has a different voice from everyone of her generation,’ ” Reitman said. “She oddly talks like someone from the 1940s, and she’s so witty and smart and sharp. And I needed a girl who could go toe-to-toe with George Clooney. She was the one. This was Anna’s role. I wrote this for Anna. As soon as I saw ‘Rocket Science’ and I recognized her voice, I started writing for her.” {Anna Kendrick Nominated For Supporting Actress Golden Globe}

MTV Hollywood Crush:

First and foremost, both Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga got nominated for their outstanding roles in “Up in the Air” (press play above to hear Anna talk about her role). While it’s unsurprising, the news bodes well for the two in terms of Oscar talk. However, they’re up against some pretty stiff competition with Mo’nique in “Precious,” and Julianne Moore and Penelope Cruz are never actors to be taken lightly. {Golden Globe Film Noms We Love: Anna Kendrick! ‘500 Days Of Summer’! ‘The Hangover’!}

Anna has officially been nominated as an Golden Globe nominee for Up in the Air!!! Justin Timberlake announced the 2010 nominees early this morning at the Beverly Hills Hilton, in video at CBS. Here are all the Supporting Actress Nominees:

  • Penelope Cruz, “Nine”
  • Vera Farmiga, “Up in the Air”
  • Anna Kendrick, “Up in the Air”
  • Mo’Nique, “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire”
  • Julianne Moore, “A Single Man.

As you can see, Anna’s Up in the Air co-star Vera Farmiga is also nominated, along with what looks to be some incredibly stiff competition! Up in the Air managed to snag six nom’s total! The Golden Globes will be broadcast worldwide on NBC January 17th, 2010 at 8 pm EST, 5 pm PST.

Here’s Anna’s latest Tweet on the matter, about 8 hours ago from web :

Thank you for all the congratulations! I’m SO excited! And congrats to Jason, George and Vera!!!!!

I’m speechless! I’ve been a fan of Anna for almost 4 years now, and when I started the first AK site in early 2007, I was unsure if I should because she was almost virtually unknown. I’d seen Camp and Rocket Science and knew she would inevitably make it to the big leagues some day, but the fact that it happened so fast is just astounding; and if I’m this proud about her nomination for the GG’s, I can only imagine how she feels, along with her family and friends! Congrats a billion Anna (and next up, Oscars) 😀 😀 😀 !

EDIT: And here are some more recent finds —

Movieweb Airplane Press Junket:

MTV Hollywood Crush:

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