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Anna was gorgeous and hilarious chatting up with Jay Leno tonight. She swapped her pumps for converses after the commercial break as she took the Green car challenge and raced across an obstacle course with pop-outs of Al Gore and streamers! She got a decent time right beneath Gerard Butler :). Really good stuff, i’ll post it as soon as an online version is available! Here are some other fans reactions at Google Updates.

Jay Leno Appearance Dec. 14, 2009 X18

Part I: The Interview

Part II: The Interview

Part III: The Green Car Challenge

Anna’s done an interview with the New York Daily News where she mentions New York, her High Society days, and why she’s thankful she started acting on stage rather than film 🙂 :

Q. In the new movie “Up in the Air,” you play a frequent flier opposite George Clooney. As a child actor, you shuttled often between Portland, Maine, and New York for auditions.

A. It started out with my parents driving me down for auditions and stuff. After a while, they both worked and couldn’t always drive, so when I was 12 they started sending me on Greyhound buses with my brother, who was 14.

Q. That was timely – your big break was in the show “High Society” in 1998, when you were 12. How did you land that role?

A. When I went to New York to audition for that, they asked me to stay overnight. And of course, we were planning on getting the Greyhound bus back that evening. So my parents had to fax a credit card to a hotel. They told us, they were adamant, “Stay in the hotel and only go out for your audition.” But my brother and I, being precocious little 12- and 14-year-olds, thinking it was the coolest thing in the world to be alone in New York City, we went to Bleecker and MacDougal and had breakfast. We thought we were the coolest kids in the world.

Q. Did you live alone in the city during your six-month stint?

A. My dad was a teacher at the time, and it was easier for him to leave and come to New York with me. So we got an apartment in Yonkers and drove in every day – we couldn’t find an apartment we could afford in the city, because we were being supported by the minimum wage for Actors’ Equity. As a 12-year-old, you’ll take whatever’s given to you, basically.

Q. What’s your favorite area now?

A. I’d say it’s probably SoHo or Greenwich Village, because though I never lived there, those were the places that felt like I disappeared into New York. I used to go there with my brother. There was so much of New York that belonged to the rest of the world, but certain places – like SoHo – felt like they still belonged to New York and we were lucky to be a part of it.

Q. As a cast member in “New Moon,” you’re surrounded by young actors transitioning to adult careers. Are you glad you started out in New York rather than L.A.?

A. Absolutely. Thank God I started on stage and not in film. On a film set, you’re sort of coddled, but when you’re on stage, even as a 12-year-old, you’re expected to be a professional and deliver every night. It was hard work, and sometimes it was really lonely, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. {‘Up in the Air’ starlet on newfound fame}


On Oncoming Fame: “It’s so strange because it only ever comes in these small bursts,” she said. “Like all of a sudden I’m on the red carpet for a premiere and it’s louder than anything should ever be. Or a bunch of people will take my picture at an airport without asking my permission. It feels like a double life, where I do all these strange things and then I go back to my apartment and my friends — nothing feels different.”

On her Letterman Appearance: “I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous in my life,” Kendrick said of Letterman. “I was literally shaking like a Chihuahua backstage.”

On her NY trips for Broadway auditions:
“We used to make sure we got the back row, where there’s three seats, and we’d just spread out like a couple of orphans and people would leave us alone. But there were definitely some sketchy characters at night when we would be at the bottom of the Port Authority [bus terminal] waiting for the bus from New York to Boston.” {‘Up in the Air’ starlet on newfound fame}

The Orange County Register:

Q. I am unable to ignore the 800-pound vampire in the room. What are your thoughts today as your movie goes through the roof?A. It’s cool. I mean it’s cool to be in a movie that people see. I’ve been involved in a lot of smaller films that I’m really proud of that not a lot of people have seen. It’s nice to be in something that’s a phenomenon.

Q. With the “Twilight” movies on your resume, what is the impact on your career?
A. You know, I only have 65,000 people following me on Twitter. That’s it. I didn’t get this job because of “Twilight,” and I didn’t get my next job because of “Twilight.” It all goes back to “Rocket Science.” All the directors I’ve worked with recently, including Catherine Hardwicke (“Twilight”) and Jason Reitman (“Up in the Air”) said they hired me after seeing “Rocket Science.”

Q. There is no impact whatsoever from “Twilight”? A. I get a couple more girls coming up to me in airports to ask me for autographs, but other than that, my day-to-day life is exactly the same.

Q. I suppose that’s better than being chased down the street? A. Oh, I am very grateful that I don’t get photographed every time I leave my house. {Actress was immune to George Clooney’s charms}

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