Anna was named runner-up for Best Supporting Actress by the Los Angeles Film Critics Associaition for her role as Natalie in Up in the Air, while Precious’ Mo’nique nabbed first:

The best supporting actress award went to Mo’Nique for her portrayal of a deeply scarred, wildly dysfunctional mother in Lionsgate’s “Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.”

Anna Kendrick was runner-up for her role of an eager though somewhat naive young businesswoman in Paramount Pictures’ “Up in the Air.” {L.A. film critics honor ‘Hurt Locker’}

Up in the Air was also named Best Screenplay and runner-up for Best Picture!

Next up for awards is Detroit Film Critics Society, where Anna is again nominated for Best Supporting Actress alongside for recent winner Mo’nique for Precious, and Vera Farmiga, her co-star in Up in the Air! Intense hey?