Anna is going to be on even more talk shows this week, including Jay Leno on NBC Monday December 14th at 10:00 pm EST! And lets not forget her morning appearance on The View, December 16th on ABC, where she will be accompanied by Vera Farmiga. Alicia Keys will also be performing ;).

Make sure to check your local listings to find the exact times they will be playing in your area:


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Vote for Anna as Favorite Rising Star of 2009 at Popsugar. She is currently in the lead with 50% of the vote! Also nominated is Anna’s Elsewhere co-star, Paul Wesley. Anna was also named as a Forbes Rising Stars of 2010 {}, as well as #7 of Movifone’s Top 10 Breakout Stars of 2009 {Moviefone}

This is a reminder that the auction for Anna’s signed Defend Equality poster in support of Gay rights is ending on December 16th: “Anna has personalized and signed an art print from the Shepard Fairey “Love United Auction. The proceeds go to a good cause – FAIR, started by Shepard Fairey, the celebrated street artist and creator of the now ubiquitous Obama HOPE image. Fairey designed these pieces called ‘DEFEND EQUALITY LOVE UNITES’ which has become a unifying symbol of the post-Proposition 8 struggle for marriage equality {Charity Buzz}.

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Vanity Fair Magazine:

January 2010: Anna Kendrick

Age: 24. Provenance: Portland, Maine. It’s a vampire world and we’re just dying in it: Kendrick made her name in the original Twilight movie—“I had no idea; none of us knew”—as mere mortal Jessica Stanley, “Bella’s friend from school.” She reprises the role in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, in theaters now. And for the adults in the audience … Kendrick shines as George Clooney’s tightly wound underling in Jason Reitman’s well-timed dramedy about corporate cost-cutting, Up in the Air, which is already generating Oscar buzz. “I was shooting them both at the same time,” says Kendrick. “It was great because my character in Up in the Air is so rigid, and it was fun to go to Vancouver [to the set of New Moon] and play the silliest girl on the planet!” —Krista Smith

Photograph by Greg Lotus. {The Vanities Openers

Instead of trying to force a certain type, Kendrick was a certain type, a 1940s-style actress.

“Most of my favorite films are from the late ’30s and early ’40s,” she said. “My favorite film of all time is ‘The Women’ from 1939. I guess there’s an influence because I’m such a fan of those films, and there’s definitely an influence from that era on the dialogue in ‘Up in the Air.’ I wanted to make it a kind of old-school battle of the sexes. I loved it that this young girl was challenging this older guy in that way.” {Anna Kendrick is the ‘Air’ apparent: Young actress flies high with George Clooney

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