Anna attended the 2nd Annual Golden Globes Party Saluting Young Hollywood today at Nobu Hollywood. Other guests included Twilight co-stars Kellan Lutz and Eli Gathegi, as well as Maggie Gylenhaall, Kelly Osbourne, Brittany Snow and Ashley Tisdale, just to name a few:

MQ Golden Globes Young Hollywood Party X 10


Here’s another good interview from The Daily Beast, where Anna talks about ‘not eating at premieres, her messy house, and playing a control freak’:

Anna Kendrick doesn’t get that she’s about to be a star. When she race walks into Joan’s on Third in West Hollywood, dressed in head-to-toe black, with aviator glasses propped up on her head, she is oblivious to the head turns she’s caused out front of the gourmet cafe. She arrives alone—no publicist is there for the handoff—and when this is remarked upon, Kendrick looks surprised. “Why? Was I supposed to bring someone?”

In person, Kendrick seems to possess at least a few Natalie-isms. She is more casually dressed—black, skinny jeans and nylon jacket—but still perfectly put together. No makeup, but the face and hair are flawless. The enunciation is precise, indicating years of training. (In fact, it was while attending public school in Portland, Maine, that she got her first break: a role in the Broadway production of High Society, which earned her a Tony nomination at the age of 12.)

She also cops to control-freakish tendencies.

“I think I don’t succeed at being in control as often as Natalie does,” Kendrick says. “When Natalie first meets Ryan, that’s the first time in her life that she’s out of her element, and I’m out of my element most of the time. I’m falling apart most of the time. And I get clumsier and more awkward. She gets more rigid and self-aware.”

Packing up her half-uneaten salad to take with her, Kendrick says she’s headed for her publicist’s office, two blocks away, to get ready for the premiere. “My house is such a mess, I don’t want hair and makeup people to come in, so I’m going to my publicist’s office to take over the conference room.” She smiles and darts out the door, looking—for now—like just another pretty young girl in Los Angeles.{Clooney’s Running Mate}

EDIT: You can now view a longer section of the Interview thanks to watch-letterman. I love how she totally catches David off-guard in a quick snipe at 4:00 :D:

The first clip of Anna on Letterman has aired on Radar Online:

Twilight’s Anna Kendrick told The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday that George Clooney makes an excellent travel partner with all the red carpet treatment he gets — being escorted into buildings and planes discreetly, with a car always waiting.

There is one drawback to commuting with Clooney, however.

“He does tend to get bored on long flights,” the gorgeous 24-year-old said, recalling a cross-country trip she took with her Up In The Air co-star.

“About halfway through the flight, these mini-airline pretzels start hitting me, and George is throwing at me,” Kendrick, who appears in the Twilight series as Jessica, told Letterman.

Kendrick said a woman caught in the pretzel crossfire shot glances her way, before she reprimanded Clooney to stop.

Letterman joked that had he thrown the pretzels, air marshals would have arrested him.

I have this and the full Today Show recorded in HD, so they will be added to our Youtube shortly (after I slaughter my exams)!!

Twitter: Anna tweeted about the appearance about 21 hours ago from web:

# Just finished taping Letterman. If you were there and I didn’t get to sign for you I’m genuinely so sorry!! New to this/was shaking cold!

# I’m on Letterman tonight. So nervous it’s ridiculous! Tune in and send good vibes!! 7:41 AM Dec 7th from web

And here’s a tweet she added to Ryan’s rules on the Official Site:

Calories don’t count in airports. Being trapped in LAX earns you a guilt free cinnabon.

Gallery: I’ve updated the Letterman arrival photos, as well as a new set of candids from December 5th: Anna at a Private Screening for Up in the Air in Los Angeles:

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