Remember to watch Anna on David Letterman starting 10:35 EST, along with guest Ray Romano. Candids of Anna entering the studio have already surfaced, and we’ll post the video up as soon as it goes online. If you don’t have access to a T.V; you can watch Letterman Live at CBS:

EDIT: Two HQ’s added!

Anna impressed David on the Today Show tonight with a micro short dress and curls. She addressed her Maine childhood and the ‘character building’ camping trips her dad put her through, George throwing pretzel’s at her on a plane, and showed us an Up in the Air clip. I will be posting it in our Youtube soon!

What’s next for Anna? She is currently set to be on ABC talkshow The View December 16th, 09:00 am EST. Check your local listings below:

Can I just say it is really rewarding to watch Anna hit it big in shows like this? Two years ago when I started the site (March 2007), Anna was relatively unknown, underrated, and well . . . unpopular. While watching her jump to the top, so to speak, is exciting, what is really great is that her talent is really getting recognized for what it is — superb!