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I cannot believe I never noticed the special features on my beloved Rocket Science DVD! There are cast interviews, behind the scene clips, director’s notes and more. In an unseen interview, Anna talks about her character, competitive high-school debator Ginny Ryerson, and why she is so thankful Jeff Blitz (director + screenwriter) wrote such a strong non-stereotypical role for a high school girl.

The Making of Rocket Science X 177

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

entertainment-weekly-clooney_300 Anna will be on the upcoming cover of Entertainment Weekly! The January 8th edition (in newstands 1/1) is an Oscar special, and Anna is pictured alongside Up in the Air co-stars George Clooney and Vera Farmiga, looking ecstatic in what looks to be a new photoshoot and article! What a great way to start out the the new year! and Just Jared offer some insight into the article, highlights from George:

George Clooney is handsome and savvy, but he’s also self-aware when it comes to his ladies-man reputation. When he signed to play an eternal bachelor in his latest film, Up in the Air, directed by Jason Reitman (Juno), he immediately saw parallels between the character and himself. “Jason came to my house and brought the script and I read it,” Clooney says. “There were some things that sounded like they were taken from a Barbara Walters special that I had done. I’m not completely unaware of people’s perceptions of me. I sort of felt like, if you were ever going to deal with it, this is probably the best way to do it and the best person to do it with. If you can’t point at what people think are your shortcomings, then you’re boxing yourself in.” {This Week’s Cover: George Clooney opens up about Oscar campaigning — and his cuticles}

Just Jared:

The flick may be the film to beat on Oscar night but campaigning for an Academy Award is similar to a political campaign, according to Clooney. EW asked him what Farmiga and Kendrick need to do to campaign effectively. “Kiss a lot of babies,” says Clooney. “I’m enjoying watching people talk about Vera and discovering Anna. I’ve been in good movies that were not successful. Out of Sight bombed, Three Kings really didn’t do well. O Brother, Where Art Thou? did okay, not great. The problem is that if they don’t [perform at the box office], then it really is going to be just Transformers. I’m not making any judgment on Transformers, I’m just saying [Hollywood will only make] those tentpoles.” {Entertainment Weekly Goes ‘Up In The Air’}

EDIT: Bigger Photos added!

up-in-the-air-entertainment-weekly-01 up-in-the-air-entertainment-weekly-02

Added some appearances from 2003 and 2004 to the gallery with much more to come.

[cpg_albumrand:39,1][cpg_albumrand:40,1] [cpg_albumrand:41,1][cpg_albumrand:42,1][cpg_albumrand:43,1]

I’ve re-capped Anna’s 2003 movie debut – ‘Camp’. The movie is about a musical theater camp of 14-15 year olds struggling with sexuality, love, and finding their voice. Anna plays Fritzi, a shy girl who ends up basically being a servant for a popular, mean girl. The movie is hilarious yet emotional; the tables really turn for Anna’s character and Anna’s musical number could be straight off Broadway! Definitely recommend :D:

Camp Screencaps X 539

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

Camp Special Features: The Making of Camp X 144

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

Camp Special Features: Live Cast Performance X 56

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

Added two sets of scans. The Vanity Fair scan was donated by Kari and the Blackbook ones are from a forum that I go to.


top As promised, I’ve given the Anna Kendrick Net Media Archive a new Header. Not too much changed, but considering graphics aren’t my forte, I figure I get bragging rights :P! We have also reached the 10,000 mark on photo count, the biggest AK Gallery on the web, despite what other sites might claim ;). I’ve also added 1 new Photoshoot image from the Purple Magazine shoot taken by Tyler William Perry:

I’ve browsed the Purple Magazine Archives, but I’m not sure Anna ever actually appeared in the magazine. Does anyone know otherwise? Give us a holler at

Lastly, there is a new article with a new quote from Anna, in which she mentions meeting Reece Witherspoon:

As to young Anna Kendrick, the director said he wrote the part for her. “Of course he didn’t tell me that at the audition,” Anna said. Her role as a young protégé, a sidekick in the sloppy business of efficiently laying workers off, is sure to win her a Best Supporting Actress nomination. She is so pert and snappily efficient, she reminded me of Reese Witherspoon in Election. I get a lot of that, she said, and when I met Reese Witherspoon I told her, to wit Witherspoon replied, “You must hate that, being compared to me.” “Are you kidding,” said Kendrick, “I love that.” {Grounding Up in the Air}

I wonder if she mentioned George’s crude comment at the Toronto Film Festival Up in the Air Press Conference that Jason originally wrote Anna’s Up in the Air role for Reese!

Anna and Jason did a hilarious interview with Access Hollywood exclaiming their excitement at all being Golden Globe nominees. When asked if Anna and Vera will be having friendly competition for the coveted spot of Best Supporting Actress, Anna jokes “No, not friendly at all!” 😀 You can also now view the official GG announcement clip here:

Access Hollywood Golden Globe Reaction HQ Screencaps X 80

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

American SS Up in the Air #1 HQ Screencaps X 75

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

American SS Up in the Air #2 HQ X 68

2009-12-28_045914 2009-12-28_045914

I’m working on a new site layout + gallery layout which I hope to have up soon 🙂

Two movies for you! As promised here is the screencaps from Camp as well as Marc Pease Expieriment.



There’s also DVD Extras from Camp in the Camp album as well as one still.

Anna is in the December issue of Venice Magazine, with Jeff Bridge’s on the cover. There is a photo spread with new photos of Anna, and an interview, which we posted earlier. Check it out at


You’ve already finished your shooting on Eclipse. Do you think you’ll be in the fourth film, Breaking Dawn, also?

I doubt it, just because I’m not really in the books, so I’m assuming that I’m not.

How did the atmosphere on the set change when Chris Weitz was brought in as the new director for the second film?

People ask if there was more pressure on the second one, but I think there was a sense that we’d done something right, and as long as we didn’t, you know, go nuts, that fans would probably respond in a similar way, and that actually provided a relatively stress-free set. And Chris is just cool as a cucumber, and literally, it feels just like you’re hanging out, and then occasionally, you shoot a scene, and then you go back to hanging out. So that was actually shockingly stress-free.

It seems like it must be a great way to experience the whole Twilight thing the way you have. You don’t have to carry the series, but are still a part of it.

Yeah, I say that. Honestly, I say exactly that all the time. It’s like I get to just hop on the ride and hop right off whenever I feel like it.

In terms of actors and actresses, do you have any particular role models?

I feel like George is a big role model. The way that he treats people all day, every day, looks exhausting, because he’s just so consistently generous to people, and, you know, I think that takes a great deal of discipline. I mean, he’s Cary Grant, and everybody wants a piece of him. When we’re in all of these cities, everybody wanted to shake his hand. Everybody wanted to have a moment with him, and frankly, they didn’t just want a moment, they wanted more and more and more, and I don’t know how he doesn’t just get incredibly frustrated. I’m sure he does get incredibly frustrated, but the thing that makes him so admirable is the fact that he has the discipline to not show that he’s frustrated. I think both on and off the screen he’s incredibly generous, and if I could…I feel like if I could be half as kind and aware of other people’s comfort and needs, you know, I’d be a pretty good person. {Anna Takes Off with Up in the Air}

I don’t live near L.A. so I can’t buy the magazine, but if anyone wants to donate scans or photos of Anna’s spread for the gallery to staff[AT] that would be amazing, or any Anna media, for that matter :D.

Anna has won the Best Supporting Actress Award from the Austin Film Critic’s Association! Here’s what they had to say in their awards announcement:

Best Supporting Actress goes to Anna Kendrick for her role in UP IN THE AIR, while Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner receive the award for Best Adapted Screenplay for the adaptation of the novel of the same name by Walter Kirn {}.

Up in the Air was also listed as 5 out of their Top Ten Films of ’09. You can see their video breakdown here. There has been so many video interviews and clips lately that I’m not entirely sure these haven’t been posted in some form yet, but here are two great quality clips of Anna chatting about her role in Up in the Air from American Super Star Magazine:

Anna Kendrick Up in the Air Interview:

Anna Kendrick Up in the Air Generic Interview:

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