Trailer Addict received some phenomenal B-roll footage from Up in the Air, including a behind the scenes look at many of Anna’s scenes and unseen footage! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if, like me, you just can’t wait for the movie to come out, although it does contain spoilers – here it is in two parts:

You can also now view the clip we posted a couple days back in HD on Facebook. The clip has been retitled “Chance at Something Real”:

I’ve made screencaps of Anna’s scenes in the Up in the Air B-roll footage, the “Chance at Something Real clip” and the Up in the Air Featurette earlier on:

B-roll Footage X122

“Chance at Something Real” Clip X66

Featurette X15

*Pant*! Next up: Marc Pease Experience caps, HQ Twilight premiere pix, new candids, Vogue scans, and caps of the plethora of new video interviews!! Clearly Anna did not get my memo to slow down :P!