Outside of Up in the Air news, Anna’s 2008 film The Marc Pease Experience was finally released on DVD November 3rd. Anna plays Meg Brickman, the love interest of Jason Shwartzman’s character – Marc Pease (her 26-year-old boyfriend) and Ben Stiller’s (the theater teacher and her private singing tutor). Meg is a talented senior with a passion for theater and amazing singing voice, but is upset to be continually cast in background roles and never the lead. I felt the movie was definitely worth watching, despite it’s terrible reviews. It’s not entirely laugh-out-loud funny, because it is mixed with realism and emotion, but I don’t think this is a negative.

Anna’s funniest bits were where she recites a really disturbing poem in her English class, duets on tape with Ben Stiller, and complains about not getting enough time in the make-up chair 😉 My only disappointment was we didn’t get to see as much of Anna as a singer and on “stage” as I would have liked ;(. Unfortunately there were no special features.

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As you all know New Moon has been released! Although the film itself got mixed reviews (except from fans, who inevitably loved it), Anna’s role as Jessica Stanley has gotten unanimous praise – apparently she is just as much a scene stealer as in the first Twilight 😉


Anna Kendrick, whose Oscar buzz for her work in Up In The Air is a source of pride for Twilight fans, really delivers on Jessica Stanley. She’s a character, Kendrick has admitted, that hasn’t really grown since Twilight, and Kendrick doesn’t perform the role with any overkill. Her monologues and facial reactions are spot-on, as were they in Twilight, and she once again brings both comedic relief and mainstream reality to the screen in New Moon.

NYU Washington Square News :

Minor characters played by Jessica Stanley and Dakota Fanning pick up the slack, filling in the bad moments with raw talent.

The Film Stage:

The rest of cast including Ashley Greene, Anna Kendrick, and a creepy Dakota Fanning are the true highlights but are unfortunately underused.

The Northerner:

Now, in the end, it always seems to come down to teams. You have Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Werewolves, and Team Vampires, but the team that should really get a shout out is Team Humans. These young men and women are great actors who provide a lot of the real-life humor amongst the supernatural beings of the series. Whether you are listening to Jessica (Anna Kendrick) rant about zombies, Mike (Michael Welch) get sick while seeing a movie with Bella, Eric (Justin Chon) crying during a class viewing of Romeo and Juliet, or Charlie (Billy Burke) trying to take care of his teenage daughter, viewers are sure to get a laugh from this group.

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