Anna is set to be a guest star on David Letterman Monday, December 7th! She’ll get to brush shoulders with Barbara Walters, also set to appear on the TV show Monday. Check for your local listings:

Speaking of interviews, the full Hot Blog DP30 Interview is now up on their site {}. a full, very interesting 30 minutes with a gorgeous Anna, what’s not to love? She touches up on her childhood in Maine and Broadway, differences between working in film and on stage, and among other things, Taco Bell. A true necessity for any Anna fan ;):

There is also one more Up in the Air press junket interview from Talking Pictures:

Talking Pictures also has one from the American Airlines Press Junket:

In addition, USAweekend has a follow-up interview accompanying the previously posted article, she mentions her parents’ film influence and her Broadway beginnings:

Did the early start on Broadway put you on the right path?
Yeah, I’m sure it did. Even though the rejection is hard to handle at that age, there’s also a fearlessness in you. It’s that age where part of you just wants to disappear, that tricky adolescent phase. It also seemed less frightening to go on stage in front of thousands of people. Had I waited until I was like 20 to give it a shot for the first time, maybe after a couple of bad auditions I would have just given up.

Was getting a Tony nod even a big deal to you when you were 12?
I really never wrapped my head around the idea of the history of it all. That ultimately was probably a good thing just because it would have freaked me out if I was 12 years old and fully understood what it meant to be nominated for a Tony Award.

Did you have an actress you looked up to at that age?
When I did High Society, I watched the musical film version, but I also watched The Philadelphia Story. It’s impossible to see Katharine Hepburn and not be inspired by her. I’ve looked up to her ever since. She’s special because she’s beautiful, but she’s not gorgeous in a traditional way. The thing that comes across about her on screen is how intelligent she is. She’s a good role model to have.

Were your parents fans of classic cinema, or did you develop that on your own?
It was probably a little bit of both. I got a lot of film recommendations from some of the actors and actresses in High Society, and my parents always encouraged me to make intelligent choices in every area of my life. When I was living with my dad when we were doing High Society, we’d go to rent a movie and at 12, I’d want to rent some silly romantic comedy. He’d be like, “OK, we can rent that if we also rent The African Queen.” And then of course, I’d watch African Queen like four times in a row. {Anna Kendrick talks Oscar buzz, Clooney and ‘Up in the Air’}

I’ve also found an adorable new candid from the AA flight: