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Here is one more print interview from U.S.A. Weekend:

Although those two guys [Clooney and Pattinson] are tabloid regulars, the “Up in the Air” star is just fine with flying, so to speak, under the radar. Getting gussied up for premieres isn’t quite her style. The good news: She can get back to “my Converse-wearing, video-store existence right after I’m doing something really glamorous,” she says.

Theater took her to New York, but “Up in the Air” has landed her several more places with Clooney, including Omaha. “The first day I showed up on set, I was sick, and he was telling me to eat chicken soup. I questioned him because I thought it was just an old wives’ tale,” she recalls. “He told me that I should trust him because he played a doctor on TV.” (Remember “ER?”)

From what she has gathered working with the likes of Clooney, Pattinson and other A-listers, there isn’t one formula for success. “If there were, then anybody could do it,” she says. Kendrick’s secret? A lot of luck. And she considers herself just as fortunate that, whenever a flight home lands, she can resume her low-key lifestyle in West Hollywood. “For a few days in certain cities, I get treated like I’m a big deal, and then I get to go back and feel totally normal again.” {Clooney’s new co-star}