Even more interviews are making there rounds thanks to a round table press junket for Up in the Air November 21. As always, I’ve singled out the parts I find the most interesting or new, but be sure to click the link to view the whole interview:


Ladies’ man George Clooney isn’t short on romance pointers — even if they’re for a younger, female co-star.

“He had rules for me about dating and stuff. It was really sweet,” Anna Kendrick said at Saturday’s press day for their new comedy/drama “Up in the Air,” out December 4.

“It’s funny, actually. A friend of his that was his age [48] was dating somebody younger than me. He thought that was fine. I was like, ‘What would you say to me if I were dating somebody your age?’ He said, ‘Oh no, absolutely not.'”

The 24-year-old admits, “He had this kind of older brother thing with me.” And, her character, who has argumentative romantic tension with Clooney in the film jokes, “Is he too old for me? Yes. George Clooney is too old for me.” {George Clooney gives his co-star dating advice }


Q: Did you tap into your own inner control freak for this role?

Anna: I think she’s a control freak, and I think I’m a control freak, but we react to being out of our element in very different ways. I get more awkward and I fumble and things immediately fall apart. And, Natalie’s rigidity and self-awareness increases exponentially, when she feels out of control. She tries to cling to anything that she can control or keep orderly, whether it’s her hair or her computer. It makes for some very interesting comedy.

Q: With such great dialogue in this film, did you have a favorite line or moment?
Anna: I loved yelling at George and telling him off. I loved telling George that he was a 12-year-old. I was so looking forward to that scene, almost to the extent that I was concerned that it was gonna be an indulgent thing. And, Jason reassured me and made sure that I stayed on track, but I was so looking forward to that, when I read that scene in the script. It was like every ex-boyfriend that I’ve ever had, in the form of George Clooney, on a boardwalk. So, telling George Clooney that he was 12 was a lot of fun.

Q: This movie shows how modern technology has replaced actually spending time and interacting with other people. In your own life, do you text more than you see people?
Anna: I try not to. I’ve tried iChat now. I’ve tried Facebook, but I’m off Facebook. I can’t do any of that Facebook or MySpace stuff. I feel like it’s a really false way of staying in touch. There are people I want to keep in my life, and there are people that I’ve had to let go of because I feel like a texting relationship or a Facebook relationship is a false relationship. I try to be better about staying in touch with people I’m close to. If it has to be over text or phone then so be it, but I’m much better at in-person interaction.

Q: So, you’d never break up with someone by text then?
Anna: No. When I was 11 years old, I broke up with my boyfriend over email. That’s true. But, email was new, so it was still okay to do that.

Q: Have you had any airplane experiences that stand out for you?

Anna: I just did a press junket for this movie on a plane, which was strange. That was definitely the first time that I’ve ever seen a concert in a plane. Sad Brad did his song from the movie. Flying into Vancouver is always weird because I look like such a bum when I fly and Vancouver is the one place there’s always sure to be Twilight paparazzi, so there’s tons of pictures of me online, in the exact same hoodie. I’m like, “Well, you really needed that picture, didn’t you? I look exactly the same, in the same outfit.”

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets for being in Hollywood?
Anna: I can’t really stick to a work-out regime. I’m the worst. But, I did yoga while I was shooting the movie. I tried yoga, for the very first time, in St. Louis, and that was pretty fun. I don’t know. I’m boring. {Interview: UP IN THE AIR with Anna Kendrick }


Question: Tell us about Stacey Pilgrim?
Anna Kendrick AK: She’s Scott’s sister. I got to meet the real Stacey Pilgrim which was amazing. I basically just sort of judge Scott for all his life choices and tell him how to live his life which is fun, but I care about him too.

Is she [the real Stacey] exactly like he wrote?

AK: Well, she’s half-Asian so we’re not exactly the same but she seemed really, really sweet. I was like, “You get a bad rap in these books.” But she did say that she used to give Bryan a really hard time about whoever he was dating so that’s where that came from.

What was your reaction to the style.

AK: You should start emotionally preparing yourself now. It’s so good, people are not going to know what hit them. I have a small role in so I’m allowed to gush. It’s so cool. I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s an energy and a style that I’ve just never seen before and I think it’s going to make the fastest movie you’ve seen look like a Merchant Ivory film. There, I said it.{Anna Kendrick on SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD}