Anna has been getting lots of Press lately including in The L.A. Times, The Calgary Herald, and the New York Times:

The L.A. Times:

“I spent every day from the moment I won the part sure I was about to be fired,” she says. “First it was the costume fitting, then the camera test, and then the table read. Each day was the day I knew they would realize they actually wanted Evan Rachel Wood. Then the first day on set,” she continues, “I showed up with a cold and I thought no one would like me because I’m the girl who showed up sick, and George told me to have chicken soup and to listen to him because he had played a doctor on TV. And I thought, ‘It will all be all right.’ ” Within a few days, “he called me short, I called him old, and that was the foundation that set the tone just to kid around with each other.” {Anna Kendrick’s the upstart opposite George Clooney in ‘Air’}

Calgary Herald:

If you weren’t playing humans, which would you prefer to play: a vampire or a werewolf?

Anna: I would personally rather be a werewolf since they seem to get to have a lot more fun. The vampires are very cool, but they have to be very calm and collected all the time. The werewolves get to let loose a little bit more.

Have any of your characters changed since Twilight?

Anna: Jessica’s still pretty self-involved. I would definitely say she hasn’t done a lot of personal growth between Twilight and New Moon. She does provide a level of silliness at a point where Bella is feeling pretty hopeless. I don’t know that she necessarily cheers up Bella, but hopefully it ends up providing a little bit of a break for the audience. ” {Interview: New Moon’s Humans Keep It Real}

NY Times:

“In person Anna Kendrick is tiny and adorable-looking, but on-screen she’s no softy. In Jason Reitman’s dark-edged new comedy ‘Up in the Air,’ which plays out amid the ravages of the current recession, she is hilarious and scary as Natalie, a ferociously perky young professional so hellbent on success that her game plan resembles an obsessive-compulsive disorder.” {Breakout Performances}

The NY times article, featured in print October 30 was also accompanied by 2 new Up in the Air Promotional Photos:

I’ve also added lots more higher quality photos to recent appearances including Up in the Air screening @ TIFF, Up in the Air screening @ LFF and photocall @ LFF and the latest LAX Candids in HQ. There are also more updates of screencaps and video links from our post below.

Anna was also apparently at the Palm Spring Festivals Special Screening of Up in the Air on the 29th. If you have any news, photos or reports of her appearance at this event please let us know at