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EDIT: An article from Hitfix on the event is now out, and they say the video interview of Anna ‘on a plane’ will be up sometime this week 😛 {20,000 ft. ‘Up in the Air’ with ‘New Moon’s’ Anna Kendrick}

Yesterday Anna opted out of the governor’s ball and instead helped promote Up in the Air, literally, in the air. Paramount flew Anna and 50 journalists from New York to Los Angeles. The in-flight showing was Up in the Air :D. Here’s Hitflix Gregory Elwood’s tweet from the plane!

Tweetering from 20,000 (?) feet. Movie should start soon and interviews too!

Anna Kendrick just introduced ‘Up in the Air’ which we’re going to watch.

I’ve actually already seen it so I interview Anna while the rest of the journos watch on, yes, small screen.

We fly to LA. Most of us are LA based. Took off from NY. {Up in the Air Literally}

Anna made her own tweet about the unusual affair, about 18 hours ago from web:

# Holy airborne press junket batman. That was crazy. Thank you to everyone who came out!! We should all fly across the country again soon.

She also mentions a video clip where New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg speaks proudly about what a talented actress Anna is, 6:29 PM Nov 11th from web :

# Was just sent this clip: and by the end I saw why. RELIEVED and genuinely thrilled! 🙂

Speaking of New Moon, check out this new Jessica/Bella promo:

Perhaps this is from the improv scene mentioned above? Thanks Danielle for the tip! 🙂

Ok, the Gallery is finally back up, sorry for the down time. We have updated with all the new photos from recent events, HQ, MQ’s and exclusives including:

Palm Springs Up in the Air Screening X2

The Shepard Fairey Equality Project Launch Party X15

The 2009 Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards X82

The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Next Gen Reception X9

Travel + Leisure Hosts A Screening Of Paramount Pictures’ “Up In The Air” X17

“Up In The Air” Press Conference – Los Angeles X28

Phew! And more photos are own there was as Anna is expected to attend the prestigious Governor’s Awards tonight!

As we originally announced, Anna did indeed attend the The Shepard Fairey Equality Project Launch Party in support of gay marriage. Here’s an interview she did with E! News, HQ photos coming soon:

Fall Fair OutAnna should be attending the Fall Fair Out for Gay Rights event tonight. Check out her supporting autograph to benefit THE LOVE UNITES SHEPARD FAIREY EQUALITY PROJECT at charitybuzz. It reads “LOVE is a RIGHT not a PRIVELAGE”.

Anna also mentions her disappointment on her home-state’s ruling against gay marriage while at the NYC Up in the Air Screening:

Playing opposite Mr. Clooney as a new-media–oriented young company upstart is primly pantsuited Anna Kendrick, a 24-year-old Maine native who, during a post-screening party at Tomate Rouge hosted (appropriately) by Travel and Leisure, sipped a cocktail and declared that she “flew all the way to New York just to drink … just kidding!”

Ms. Kendrick pronounced herself appalled at the recent ruling against gay marriage in her home state.

“It’s really depressing, I was upset,” she said. “It’s not easy to feel ashamed of where you’re from.”{The Reitman for the Job? Director Jason Flies For Pie}

Anna’s done a new interview with Blackbook Magazine, longer and more juicy than the last. Here are some excerpts:

There’s a picture online of Robert Pattinson kissing you. Do people tease you about that?
I have seen fans comment on places that post them, but no one in person has ever said anything but nice things to me about being in Twilight. The fans, when you are removed from them and they’re on the internet, can seem a little scary and overwhelming. Even at the premiere, which was loud and massive and crazy, once you got up to the fans to start signing stuff, they were really warm and respectful.
With Up in the Air getting so much positive buzz, does it feel like you’re approaching a career turning point?
I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of the films I’ve been in, and having a slow and steady build. I have done smaller films that a lot of people in the industry have seen, and I feel sort of fortunate that it hasn’t been this overnight thing. I’m hoping that it continues to be this slow and steady thing so that I can take a deep breath and get used to it.
Are you embracing life in Los Angeles?
I’ve been living here for a few years now, and at first I was really fighting it. When I first got here somebody told me that it takes a year to really embrace it and I think it took me a little bit longer. Growing up back East and coming to L.A. when you’re 18 is quite a culture shock. But yeah, it’s home now and I’ve kind of learned how to navigate. {Anna Kendrick on Robert Pattinson and Impending Stardom}

Smart girl eh? Sounds like she’s not denying the inevitable fame that Up in the Air is bringing, but not letting it get to her head, either. There is also a great new video segment and interview of Anna during the Next Gen Awards, that you can view in HD from The Hollwood Reporter:

I am still working on getting the Gallery back up, but I just couldn’t wait to share a couple of exclusive photos with you, even more to come! I’ve had to start tagging photos because unfortunately some other AK sites have been stealing photos and tagging them as there own. Here is a selection of new/exclusive photos including Up in the Air stills, Up in the Air Press Conference, Up in the Air NYC Screening, 2009 Next Gen Reception, Behind the Camera Awards and The Palm Springs Up in the Air Screening. Last is Anna as ‘Meg Brickman’ in The Marc Pease Experience! :

Lots more to come soon :D!!

EDIT: Anna is slated to attend The Governors Awards this Saturday — a new event in which the Academy will suit this years four honorary Oscar winners. Other attendees include Anna’s co-runner Vera Farmiga, Tom Hanks, Abbie Cornish, Ryan Phillippe and some other big names yet to be announced!

The Governors Awards will take place at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland this Saturday night. It will not be televised, though it will be filmed; footage will be provided to television and online outlets, and some will likely be shown on the Oscar telecast next March 7. {Hanks, Bening Join Governors Awards Lineup}

And what I ask, would Anna be doing at a pre-awards Oscar ceremony if not to be announced as a nominee, hmmmm? 😉 !!!!

The nominees have been chosen for The People’s Choice Awards, and Anna is now an official Breakout Movie Actresscandidate! Anna is up against Emily Osment, Ginnifer Goodwin, Miley Cyrus, and Zoe Saldana. Now get your Anna vote on (that is a command) :)!!

Speaking of awards, MTV has released another clip from their latest press interview with Anna. In this segment, they ask Anna about her picks for Oscar nominees. Despite the hype around Anna’s own pick for Best Supporting Actress, Anna says she’s routing for Dakota Fanning :D! :

“Shouldn’t Dakota Fanning have like 12 at this point?” Anna asked. “She’s one of those people where everyone sort of assumes that she has one. I’ll go with Dakota, I guess.” {The First ‘Twilight’ Cast Member To Win An Oscar? Anna Kendrick’s Voting For Dakota Fanning}

Anna also posted a new Tweet showing her glee in being spoofed in a Saturday Night Live skit parodying Twilight. #2:14 PM Nov 8th from web:

However briefly, I (albeit as Jessica) was spoofed on SNL last night. Best. Day. Ever.

The skit stars Taylor Swift as Bella and the SNL cast as supporting characters, including Jessica at .12 :D:

Wow, November is Anna’s month!! Besides this week’s Next Gen Reception and NYC Up in the Air Screening, Anna has now attended the Up in the Air Press Conference and The 2009 Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards! Our gallery is temporarily down, but I’ve added a description and links to photos for each of the new events :-D! Presents The 2009 Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards The 2009 Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards were held on November 8th at The Highlands club in the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, California. Anna was attempted by Twilight pal Nikki Reed and the two presented an award to the New Moon special effects editor Susan MacLeod. Other celebrity guests that came out to honor the behind-the-scenes film crew include Anna’s Up in the Air co-star Jason Batemen, Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Diane Kruger. Anna wore a fushia cocktail dress with her hair long and wavy and matching fushia and silver accessories. You can see photos of Anna and Nikki at Just Jared, Popsugar, Socialite Life, Getty Images, and TwilightSagaFan. The “Up In The Air” Press Conference was held on November 7th at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Anna represented the Up in the Air cast with a flirty pony tail and big smile. You can see photos at Wireimage.

The Hollywood Reporter's Annual Next Gen Reception We previously reported on The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Next Gen Reception that was November 6th – also in Hollywood, California. You can now see high-er quality photos at Just Jared as well as his write-up of the event:

Anna Kendrick dolls up in a cute black dress as she attends The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Next Generation reception at My House in Hollywood on Friday night (November 6).

The 24-year-old recently chatted with the Examiner and dished on her favorite scene in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Anna shared, “I would have to say that there is a scene where Jessica and Bella go to the movies. That was fun because Jessica really likes to talk about herself and Bella is really depressed. She’s not saying much. We were just kind of trying to do it all in one take, and Chris told me to just keep talking until we came to a natural stop. So I stopped and just kind of monologued as flighty, silly Jessica which was a blast.”

Also pictured with Anna is actor Anthony Mackie. {Anna Kendrick: Jessica Really Likes To Talk About Herself}

Travel + Leisure's Screening Of Paramount Pictures' And just a day before, on November 5th, Anna attended Travel + Leisure’s Screening Of Paramount Pictures'”Up In The Air” at The Paris Theatre in New York City. Check out Zimbio for photos.

Entertainment Weekly Anna is also in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, in the November 13th Holiday Movie Preview Special Issue. You can see a scan thanks to His Golden Eyes.

As soon as the Gallery is back up and running (it shouldn’t be down more than a couple of days) tons of new photos will be added to these albums as well as exclusive High Qualities and 1 more unseen recent event :D!

Whew! This girl is hard to keep up with! Anna attended Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Next Gen Reception in NYC today. She wore another black ensemble, this one sleek and silk, and mingled with other up and comers such as Anthony Mackie (Babylon) and Rachel Boston (500 Days of Summer):

I’ve also added some more photos from yesterday’s NYC Up in the Air Screening:

Fashionweekdaily also conducted an interview with members of the Up in the Air cast and director. Anna speaks about George and her anxiety while flying:

“He’s such a punk, but he’s awesome,” laughed Anna Kendrick, who plays Clooney’s young co-worker. The two spend much of the movie quite literally mid-air–they’re hired by companies all over the country to come in and clean house. “I was absolutely terrified going into it, because I knew I had to go head-to-head with him every day,” she said. “But he knows that anything he says is going to be charming.

Predictably, there were few fans of air travel in the room. “It is purgatory to me!” declared Farmiga. “But it is hard to find stillness these days. Flying is very meditative.” For Kendrick, there was no upside. “I lose stuff, I get nervous, I hate giving security my bags. I’m mid panic-attack!” {Flying High
Peggy Siegal and Travel + Leisure host a screening of Up In The Air

Exclusive candids of Anna leaving her assistant’s house in L.A. from November 3rd:

I’ve also found a featurette on Up in the Air that includes a small unseen clip of Anna in performance (0.30):

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