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There’s a print interview from Newday, where Anna mentions her Youtube fame, reaction to finding out she was working with George, and Twilight phenom:

You’re known to cult audiences for your knockout performance in the underseen but critically acclaimed “Rocket Science,” and for a YouTube clip of your knockout song “The Ladies Who Lunch” in the movie “Camp” (2003) . . .
Oh, no!

Oh, no? What, oh, no?
[Laughs] No, it’s just funny that for whatever reason only that one number has really resurfaced on YouTube, and it makes me regret that people don’t see the whole movie . I mean, I understand it, and I’m happy people are watching any piece of it, but people really should see the whole movie!

What’s next? “Twilight” surely raised your profile.
It’s funny – I was cast before “Twilight,” actually. “Twilight” is this huge phenomenon, but I’ve yet to get a job from it! [laughs] I was cast in “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” [her next film] for ages before “Twilight” came out. And Jason saw “Rocket Science” and didn’t even know what “Twilight” was. He actually texted me after seeing it and said, “Oh, I loved ‘Twilight,’ great job, but I prefer when you play a genius.” As strange compliments go, that’s pretty good! {Anna Kendrick goes from ‘Twilight’ to ‘Up in the Air’}

Here’s one more interview, this one with The Contender:

George Clooney has a reputation for being a world-class prankster when the cameras aren’t rolling — is that your experience with him?
No pranks, but he’s definitely a joker. He was playing Nerf football around my head when I would try to prepare for a scene. He has a teenager’s energy, and it made me feel like the on-set mom, like “C’mon, you guys, focus…”

Do you know people like your character, Natalie, in real life?
It’s almost like I know a bunch of girls, myself included, who are almost like Natalie. There’s a frustration that comes along with being female, and there’s a sense that if you can swim with the sharks and be one of the boys — if you can conquer that — that’s where a lot of her personality comes from. I don’t know anyone who’s gone fully into that world, but there is a temptation, I think, in every girl’s life to do so at some point.

There are a lot of people who are calling you a contender for the upcoming awards season. What is your reaction to the response to your performance?
I’m beyond thrilled that people like the movie and my performance. But as far as that “buzz” word, it’s really strange. It’s that same feeling — don’t you know I’m from Maine? It almost feels like if people saw how often I’m on the verge of falling apart, there’s no way they’d be using my name in the same sentence as “Oscar.”

I feel really out of place in gowns and walking down the red carpet and mingling with people whom I perceive as being so polished and good at everything. Logically, I realize that it’s a ridiculous thing to think, but part of me can’t help but feel that I’d get kicked out of parties like that.

If given the choice, would you rather work on more indie-minded projects like “Up in the Air” or event pictures like “New Moon”?

You hit the nail on the head with “Up in the Air” — it felt like an indie. I would love to work again with a small cast like this and build a real relationship with the cast, both on and off-screen, as opposed to the proverbial town-meeting feeling of the “Twilight” saga. {The Contender Q&A: Anna Kendrick}

EDIT: And another from Entertainment Weekly! Wonder if this means they’ll be another Anna-include in the magazine?

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So does the New Moon experience compare to Twilight?
ANNA KENDRICK: It felt a little bit bigger than last year, but ultimately I think it was about as packed as it could have been for Twilight and if there were more people it just meant that they were packed tighter and a little further away. It felt a little bit like déjà vu. But I was a lot less nervous this year.

What’s your most memorable fan encounter?

There was a girl in Vancouver who came up to me in a store and asked me to give something to Taylor the next time that I saw him, and I just said I wasn’t sure the next time I would see him, so I didn’t want to take it. Because I didn’t really know what it was going to be. She said it as though she had it with her, as if she carried it around just in case she ran into a Twilight cast-member on the street. So I was a little too nervous to take it, but I still wonder what it was. {Anna Kendrick talks ‘New Moon’ fever and George Clooney}