Zap2it has some a new candid interview with Anna 🙂

“Twilight: New Moon” actress Anna Kendrick stars in films with two of Hollywood’s hottest hunks — Robert Pattinson and George Clooney — this year. Dream jobs, right?
She starred with Robert in “New Moon” and “Eclipse” and George in the awards-buzzed Jason Reitman dramady film, “Up in the Air.”

Her friends are totally impressed but she’s like, “Eh, they’re OK … They’re such punks, they’re like such a pair of hooligans.”

Still, she really enjoyed teasing George Clooney about being “old” since he teased her on a daily basis about being short.

Anna admits that she was blown away when she saw the “New Moon” box office numbers Friday night on a friend’s cell phone at a party at screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg’s home.

She also chatted with Taylor Lautner, who was still in New York, giving him a verbal “High Five/Hey Dude.” {‘Twilight: New Moon’s Anna Kendrick calls Robert Pattinson a ‘hooligan.’}

She also did one for Up in the Air at Trailer Addict:

One more from the airplane promotion of Up in the Air, this one from Upper Westside Journal:

And here are a couple more from the New Moon premiere:

I’ll have interview caps up soon, as well as add them to out new Youtube for easy viewing! Up in the Air tv spots are also hitting the small screen. There is one that I saw on E! that had a couple new clips of Anna’s character.