EDIT: An article from Hitfix on the event is now out, and they say the video interview of Anna ‘on a plane’ will be up sometime this week 😛 {20,000 ft. ‘Up in the Air’ with ‘New Moon’s’ Anna Kendrick}

Yesterday Anna opted out of the governor’s ball and instead helped promote Up in the Air, literally, in the air. Paramount flew Anna and 50 journalists from New York to Los Angeles. The in-flight showing was Up in the Air :D. Here’s Hitflix Gregory Elwood’s tweet from the plane!

Tweetering from 20,000 (?) feet. Movie should start soon and interviews too!

Anna Kendrick just introduced ‘Up in the Air’ which we’re going to watch.

I’ve actually already seen it so I interview Anna while the rest of the journos watch on, yes, small screen.

We fly to LA. Most of us are LA based. Took off from NY. {Up in the Air Literally}

Anna made her own tweet about the unusual affair, about 18 hours ago from web:

# Holy airborne press junket batman. That was crazy. Thank you to everyone who came out!! We should all fly across the country again soon.

She also mentions a video clip where New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg speaks proudly about what a talented actress Anna is, 6:29 PM Nov 11th from web :

# Was just sent this clip: http://bit.ly/48tXXi and by the end I saw why. RELIEVED and genuinely thrilled! 🙂

Speaking of New Moon, check out this new Jessica/Bella promo:

Perhaps this is from the improv scene mentioned above? Thanks Danielle for the tip! 🙂