Here’s a new Palm Spring Announcement candid of Anna with E! presenter Mary Hart:

I’ve also added a batch of autographed photos. A couple are signed on what look to be new candid photos of Anna walking down a street, possibly in Vancouver:

Her latest Tweets include being relieved to having some down time back in L.A., noting a friend who used Anna’s Twilight status to try to get a girl, and promoting fellow Maine-ers to get their vote on in support of keeping same-sex marriage in her home-state:

5:48 PM Oct 26th from web:

# Finally back in LA with a few fleeting moments to breathe = first stop @newbeverly

5:53 PM Oct 28th from web:

# A friend of mine who knows nothing about Twilight told some girl in Vegas he was in Eclipse so he could make out with her. Genius.

about 23 hours ago from web:

Come on Maine, make me proud today! My folks have already made sure to #VoteNoOn1 …. have you?

And of course there is also some more press on Anna’s Oscar-worthy performance in Up in the Air:


Kendrick “is wonderful as a naive firecracker vulnerable to the typical stings of youth: love lost, ambitious dreams, professional inexperience,” I wrote in my review of “Up in the Air” out of Telluride. But I only now wish I had written more. Kendrick also brings a delicate emotion to the film. The last time we see her on screen makes for one of the simplest but most affecting images of the piece. And her character represents, I think, one of two intriguing choices put to Ryan Bingham throughout. It’s tough to embody a film’s theme in that way, and I think Kendrick pulls it off effortlessly. {Anna Kendrick: the year’s up-start}

NY Times:

In person Ms. Kendrick is tiny and adorable-looking, but on-screen she’s no softy. In Mr. Reitman’s dark-edged new comedy, which plays out amid the ravages of the current recession, she is hilarious and scary as Natalie, a ferociously perky young professional so hellbent on success that her game plan resembles an obsessive-compulsive disorder. As Ryan and Alex, business travelers who like spending more time in airport hotels than in their homes, George Clooney (below with Ms. Kendrick) and Vera Farmiga are the suave, witty headliners. They put the romance in this film, but it’s Ms. Kendrick’s job to supply the belly laughs. {Fearless Young Actors Making Statements }