Anna’s done a new interview with Blackbook Magazine, longer and more juicy than the last. Here are some excerpts:

There’s a picture online of Robert Pattinson kissing you. Do people tease you about that?
I have seen fans comment on places that post them, but no one in person has ever said anything but nice things to me about being in Twilight. The fans, when you are removed from them and they’re on the internet, can seem a little scary and overwhelming. Even at the premiere, which was loud and massive and crazy, once you got up to the fans to start signing stuff, they were really warm and respectful.
With Up in the Air getting so much positive buzz, does it feel like you’re approaching a career turning point?
I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of the films I’ve been in, and having a slow and steady build. I have done smaller films that a lot of people in the industry have seen, and I feel sort of fortunate that it hasn’t been this overnight thing. I’m hoping that it continues to be this slow and steady thing so that I can take a deep breath and get used to it.
Are you embracing life in Los Angeles?
I’ve been living here for a few years now, and at first I was really fighting it. When I first got here somebody told me that it takes a year to really embrace it and I think it took me a little bit longer. Growing up back East and coming to L.A. when you’re 18 is quite a culture shock. But yeah, it’s home now and I’ve kind of learned how to navigate. {Anna Kendrick on Robert Pattinson and Impending Stardom}

Smart girl eh? Sounds like she’s not denying the inevitable fame that Up in the Air is bringing, but not letting it get to her head, either. There is also a great new video segment and interview of Anna during the Next Gen Awards, that you can view in HD from The Hollwood Reporter: