nullOnly weeks after her return from London to Los Angeles, Anna is back in the rainy city again. On November 25, Anna attended the Charity Royal Film Performance of Steven Jackson’s new fantasy The Lovely Bones. The event also welcomed the likes of European nobles including Prince Charles of Wales and the Dutchess of Cornwall(!) not to mention Susan Serandon and a slew of internation young talent, including Bones’ stars Saoirse Ronan and Rose McIvor (who was also in the Entertainment Weekly Holiday special).

null Anna was snapped checking through security at LAX on her way to London on November 23, 2009. Just Jared reports:

Anna Kendrick shows off her multi-tasking skills as she goes through security at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (November 23).×150.jpgThe 24-year-old actress chatted about her first day on the set of Up In The Air with the LA Times. Anna shared, “”I spent every day from the moment I won the part sure I was about to be fired,” she says. “First it was the costume fitting, then the camera test, and then the table read. Each day was the day I knew they would realize they actually wanted Evan Rachel Wood.”

I’m wondering if there is going to be an Up in the Air premiere in London before the L.A. Up in the Air premiere scheduled for November 30th?