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ET Online

“My first impression of George was that he was a punk,” Anna tells ET. “It was a very, like, brother-sister relationship; he kind of made fun of me and I made fun of him right back.”

She adds of their on-set antics, “If he hadn’t been an amazing guy I wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

Anna dished on George during a flight from New York to Los Angeles, and says she “tried to play it cool” when she first heard she’d be working with George so she wouldn’t seem “out of my league.”

“It’s really cool to be starring opposite George Clooney,” she says, “because in ‘Twilight’ I’m just a mortal character; I don’t get to have any super powers. I mean, that’s kind of disappointing, but the ‘Twilight’ series is really, really cool, but I’m one of the kind of less cool elements of it, so I’m going to have to go Clooney on this one.” {‘Twilight”s Anna Kendrick on ‘Punk’ Co-Star George Clooney}

Accesss Hollywood

New Moon and Up in the Air Filming: “Yeah, it’s strange, and I shot them both simultaneously, which was interesting as well. George Clooney would kinda give me crap every time I came back from the ‘Twilight’ set,” she told Access Hollywood when she sat down with us recently at artist Shepherd Fairey’s Love Unites project for marriage equality. “But I was treated like a traitor.”

New Moon and Up in the Air Release: “I am so excited for the movies to finally just come out,” she said. “Everything has been so exciting, but at the same time kind of stressful in the best way possible. And I will be so happy once people can just go out and see the film and I won’t have to keep talking about the film.”

New Moon Vs. Twilight: “I mean, visually it looks very different and I think people are going to really like it and respond to it,” she explained. “But, it’s beautiful and the action is absolutely stunning. And you know the scene in Italy where everyone is in red – the Twi-hards all know about it – it’s absolutely beautiful.

But my character doesn’t exactly grow that much. She doesn’t do that much self-reflection. So I just kind of give my monologue and she stays depressed. But I hope that the audience thinks it’s funny,” she added.

On Scott Pilgrim: “I feel like it’s a ‘Ferris Buller’s Day Off’ with the action sequences from ‘Kill Bill,’” Anna explained. “But, it’s definitely crazy. I don’t think people are really going to know what hit them when they see it.” {Rising Star: Anna Kendrick}

Im Not Obsessed

Samantha: Inevitably, I must ask, what was your experience like while working with George Clooney?

Amazing. He is just as fun and charming as everyone says he is and everyone wants him to be. I mean, he’s the new Cary Grant. He’s just such a gentlemen and goes out of his way to make you feel like he’s not ‘George Clooney’- like… he’s just a guy you work with and can do your job with.

Samantha: Any plans that you know of about production/filming for “Breaking Dawn”?

I mean, you know, I’m certainly not going to produce it myself. I mean, you know, we don’t really know what the deal is. The truth is we really don’t know if we’re going to be in it. I think everybody at this point would be happy to go back, and even to do, you know, a day or two, because we’ve been in it from the beginning. Ultimately, it’s just about what the script says and what our schedules are, so… but I mean, I would be happy to go back and be in the background for the wedding scene and stuff like that… but I’m operating under the assumption that I’m not going to be in it because we’re not really in the book. But either way, I’m happy.

Samantha: What can you share about Robert Pattinson that fans might not already know about him?

I wish there was an answer to the mystery- you know? I feel like it’s national news every time I say that he’s a great guy- but that’s the truth, you know? He’s a human being, and I think people want him to be something more than that, and if that’s what they want, they shouldn’t know behind-the-scenes stuff. {“Up in the Air” Screening From New York City To Los Angeles}

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