Posted on Mon, 12 October 2009 10:07:13 by annakendrick

There has been lots of internet buzz lately about an on-set romance between Anna and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World director Edgar Wright. The original source of this info was UK tabloid Star Magazine, and the romance has not been verified by any of the two parties. Until it is confirmed, we have to take this as a rumor and note that it is probably completely FALSE. Here is what Star said:

TWILIGHT star ANNA KENDRICK found love on the set of her new movie SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD – with her director EDGAR WRIGHT.
The pair fell for each other this summer while shooting the comedy, despite a 10 year age difference.
But sources insist Shaun of the Dead filmmaker Wright, 35, went to great lengths to keep their relationship secret from cast and crew members.
An insider tells Star magazine, “They took pains to keep the romance under wraps.” {KENDRICK AND WRIGHT FIND LOVE ON SET}

Anna was in New York this weekend, and apparently attended the Hamptons Film Festival October 10th screening for Up in the Air. It is possible that Anna could attend any of the many other upcoming film festivals for Up in the Air including screenings in Rome, Italy, Mill Valley, California, Austin, Texas and Palm Springs, California. Anna is expected to appear at the Palms Spring Film Festival in California on Thursday, October 29th. A limited number of tickets are available for the 7:00 screening at Regal cinemas! {Acclaimed Toronto Film Festival entries get local previews }