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Just Jared has some photos from PSFF Rising Star Award announcement, and a blurb about the event:

Palm Springs International Film Festival Reception Announces Anna Kendrick to Receive the Festival’s Rising Star Award X5

The 24-year-old actress dished on working with George Clooney, saying, “By day four of filming, you’re so comfortable around him. He’s so charming and so quick witted and fun that it’s impossible to be nervous.”

Anna also opened up about Twilight’s success. She shared, “We had no idea the kind of magnitude of the success that it was about to have.” {Anna Kendrick Is A Rising Star}

E! met up with Anna at the announcement and questioned her about the award, George Clooney, her Twilight co-stars :

Taylor will certainly capture the hearts of many people who thought they only had eyes for Rob, he’s so cute. He’s such a cutie. You meet Taylor and there’s something really special about him, he’s so warm. He’s so different from Rob and different from Kristen. There’s something about him that feels he’s sort of built for this.”

God bless [Robert and Kristen]. They seem to be handling it so well, so much better than I could ever imagine it for myself. I don’t know how they manage to stay so normal and level-headed. There’s a part of me that gets frustrated that they’re on the cover of a magazine and it’s says they’re engaged!” You just want to scream. You just want to hold the magazine up and scream to everyone in the supermarket, ‘This isn’t true!'”

“It was interesting to fly with George and see his techniques for not getting noticed,” she explained. “I’m not going to blow his cover, but he doesn’t go in disguise. It’s fascinating that 99 percent of the plane never knows he’s on board.” “I was so nervous the entire time [filming Up in the Air]. “I thought they’d fire me and hire Scarlett Johansson.” {Anna Kendrick to Receive Rising Star Award}

Twilight co-star Michael Welch also gave an interview where he comments on Anna’s accumulating fame. {}

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