Posted on Tue, 06 October 2009 11:42:31 by annakendrick

MTV has released another clip from their interview with Anna from Up in the Air @ TIFF. In this one Anna mentions her role in Scott Pilgrim.

Blackbook has also released a snippet of their interview and shoot with Anna:

“I’m allowing myself to think about the possibility that [Up in the Air] could be a big deal, because I think the worst thing would be to get caught off guard.”

“I always convince myself [premieres] are going to be fun, but having that much energy thrown at you is always jarring.” {We Like to Watch: Anna Kendrick of Up in the Air}.

Hopefully the two interviews will be released in the full soon, as well as the cute new Hellin Kay photoshoot. Apparently, Anna has already watched New Moon (and is London?), according to her Oct 1 Twitter:

October 1 – Got to watch a little of the scoring session for new moon at George Martin Air recording studios w/ London symphony. RAD. Seeing film today.

I’m going to be reorganizing the site with wordpress soon, so if the site is down for a little while that is why ;).

Danielle – Hey hey hey! 😀