Posted on Sun, 04 January 2009

Anna placed #43 out of 300 celebrities in the Popstar! Awards. Although this places her within the top 100 eligible to receive her fan letters on CD, Popstar won’t be sending Anna’s as there is not at least 50 letters total :sad:. Twilight dominated the awards, with six of the actors placing in the top 15. {Official Results of the Celebrity Love Awards, 2008}.

At any rate, here at we will make sure Anna gets her fan letters, I will be sending her the fan letters off of her page, and some other goodies as well 😉 You can still submit! {Popstar: Anna Kendrick Fan Mail Letters}

Anna also got a mention in MTV’s Other Awards: 2008’s Memorable Movie Moments:

“Déjà Vu All Over Again” Award
In the sunny, outdoor scene in which Jessica (Anna Kendrick) tells Bella (Kristen Stewart) that the Cullens aren’t in school today, watch closely. As the school bell rings, you’ll see an editing mistake that has two extras in the background getting up to leave for class, then doing it again moments later. (“Twilight”) {MTV: The Other Awards}

I’ve also added a few HQ photos from the Twilight premiere, thanks to Lion & Lamb Love: