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Posted on Fri, 02 October 2009 04:35:42 by annakendrick

The theatrical trailer for Up in the Air has been released, see the two and a half minutes in HD @ Apple, or below with HQ screencaps:

Up in the Air Theatrical Trailer Screencaps X 95

The release date, however, has unfortunately been postponed again — this time later than the original date. Wide release will be December 25, 2009 (Christmas day) while the limited and expanded releases will be December 4 and December 11, respectively. No one is quite sure why Paramount decided to make the switch {Screencrave}.

I’ve also updated the gallery with a higher quality photos, including a couple new ones from recent appearances:

Danielle – Hi! Anna is in The Official Illustrated Movie Companion book!

taken from

Posted on Tue, 29 September 2009 08:59:39 by annakendrick

Anna is featured in the October edition of Blackbook Magazine for their up and coming actors issue along with Twilight co-stars Kellan Lutz and Xavier Samuel. Two black and white preview photos have surfaced from the shoot. The Blackbook website has an interview with Kellan Lutz, so hopefully there will be one with Anna coming up as well.

Additionally, MTV has added an expanded clip to their earlier interview of Anna at the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as an article and accompanying transcript. :

MTV: Have you seen a big change in Rob and Kristen since they’ve become famous, or are they the same?

Kendrick: No, of course they’re the same. Yeah, of course. They’re so levelheaded. They’ve handled it so, so gracefully. I really don’t know [how I would’ve handled it]. I would have gone insane at this point! But they manage to be handling it in stride. {Anna Kendrick Says Fame Hasn’t Changed Her ‘Twilight’ Co-Stars}

Finally, yet another film festival has taken up Up in the Air. The Hamtons International Film Festival in New York will be screening the film on October 10 at 9:30 PM. Here is the full list of upcoming Up in the Air Festivals & info:

  • October 4th – Woodstock Film Festival, NY – INFO
  • October 10th – Hamptons International Film Festival, NY – INFO
  • October 29 – Austin Film Festival, TX –INFO

Posted on Mon, 28 September 2009 01:36:44 by annakendrick

Thanks to Danielle @ Nikki Reed’s World we have some gorge-oiss fan photographs from the New Moon set in August. Anna also mentioned on a September 19th Twitter update that she “Did ADR for New Moon yesterday. Saw all of 30 seconds but I can say we are VERY well lit. I’m not sure what that means either…?

I also have a few magazine scans — the Twi-humans are featured in US Weekly’s “The Sexy Star’s of Twilight New Moon”, with an on-set photo of Anna as Jessica and a blurb about portraying her. Additionally, I have uploaded camera phone pics of an older US Weekly about the Anna/ New Moon script trash scandal. Unfortunately they are not the best quality snaps, but Anna is just mentioned in passing and there is a photo of KStew & Rob on-set and then one of the lady who turned in the script.

Fan Photos

Magazine Scans

Next for Up in the Air are some more film festival showings! The film will be closing both the Woodstock Film Festival in New York on October 4th and the Austin Film Festival on October 29th! Cinematical also recently praised Anna’s performance on Up in the Air and mentions how the festivals are ridden with amazing performances by women this year:

These fests showcase tomorrow’s films, so in some ways, TIFF is a peek into the future. And it’s one where women defy what’s expected of them. At the moment, I’m calling it the Anna Kendrick effect. While she might be one of the youngest Tony Award nominees ever, this actress shot into the public eye with a supporting role in that incessant, sparkly piece called Twilight. Her performance was fine, but she really wasn’t given enough for a large buzz to commence, especially while under the shadow of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But now she’s got a co-starring role in Jason Reitman’s new Up in the Air — a role where she must hold her own against George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. And she does. In fact, she’s so good that her performance has been getting a lot of buzz up here in Toronto — and it’s proved one thing: We might see women and blow them off as nothing more than the crazy jealous friend, but there can be a lot of other talent in there if given a solid role to prove it. {Girls on Film: Women, TIFF, and the Future}

There was also a small new promo shot of Anna as Natalie accompanying the review, which you can also see in the gallery.

Comments: Danielle – Hi! I guess here is a new photoshoot of Anna?

Posted on Sat, 19 September 2009 10:36:35 by annakendrick

It’s tiny but here’s the first official photo of the humans in New Moon, featured on the 2010 calendar:

Here’s another clip of Jason Reitman introducing the cast before the screening of Up in the Air at TIFF:

And lastly, another cute article on Anna and Clooney/Pattinson:

“I think we have a more father-daughter relationship in the film. I think we almost cultivated that relationship in real life too. George at one point set an age limit for boys I was allowed to date, so it was not a crush on George Clooney kind of situation.” {}

Danielle – Hi! A new fan photo! 😀

Hi, few news if you want..

Alexx – Yayness! <3 ya Danielle!!! Hmm..all these fan photos were either taken on the same day or she wears that outfit an awful lot ;-p

Posted on Fri, 18 September 2009 04:23:14 by annakendrick

So what are Anna’s plans now that Up in the Air has done it’s TIFF bit? She tweeted on the 15th that she’ll be attending some other films at the festival, so hopefully we’ll have more appearance photos soon, albeit less glamorous 😛

Staying at TIFF longer so I can actually see some films! Solo screenings in sneakers far less scary than this red carpet madness. Very happy

In the mean time I’ve made a ton of HQ screencaps of some of the interviews she’s had this last week. Thanks to Danielle we also have a way cute candid of Anna clubbing with Rachelle in Toronto, as well as a new fan photo!

MTV @ Up in the Air Premiere (X 63)

MTV @ Up in the Air Press (X 37)

Up in the Air Press Conference (X 233)


Laura – I wish I’d seen her at TIFF! “Up in the Air” was amazing, though! 😀

Posted on Sun, 13 September 2009 10:14:49 by annakendrick

Great news! Up in the Air has been pushed up from its planned December 4th release to open Thanksgiving weekend, November 25, 2009!! Articles have been popping up from the screening last night with glowing reviews both of Anna’s performance and the film as a whole @ Hit Flix, The Star, and Reuters.

Lots more photos have been added from all the events Anna attended over the weekend, including a new one — The Artists For Peace And Justice Kick-Off Party which she also attended with Rachelle Lafevre. Media thanks to Just Jared, MTV, Twilight Saga @ LJ:

MTV @ Up in the Air Premiere:

MTV: So what’s the difference between George and Robert?
AK: Um..I don’t know, one’s like my brother and one’s like my dad?

Hilar! Anna also mentions how she’s seen a small version of the now released new New Moon trailer and is most looking forward to seeing the Volturi scene in Italy on the big screen.

EDIT: Hitflix also has an awesome interview with Anna where she chats about the positive reception to Up in the Air, her roles in the upcoming Twilight and Scott Pilgrim movies and the various directors, and how she revved herself up for working with George Clooney. Here’s why she loved the character of Natalie after reading the script:

I was so grateful to Jason Reitman for writing this role for a young woman. It has nothing to do with romance and sex. She’s just smart and interesting and I kept waiting for her to disappear in the script because I knew she never got romantically involved in the little blurb and I kept waiting for the moment where she sort of disappeared and she had her side scenes and that’s it. There tends to be an attitude of what purpose is this young woman serving if she’s not taking her clothes off. I just can’t say how lucky I feel. {Q&A: Anna Kendrick talks ‘New Moon,’ ‘Scott Pilgrim’ and her breakthrough in ‘Up in the Air’}

Thanks Danielle, Lauren, and everyone else for the great tips! If you were at the premiere and have any photos or any tips at all please send them to


Laura – YAY! Can’t wait to see the film again! 😀 She played Natalie soo well!

Posted on Sat, 12 September 2009 05:34:30 by annakendrick

Anna attended the Up in the Air premiere looking angelic in a pale pink babydoll dress. Also in attendance was Oprah! More photos as they come:

Danielle – She looks ABSOLUTELY PERFECT, really. 😀

Here is many more exclusive photos!


Posted on Sat, 12 September 2009 11:56:29 by annakendrick

Up in the Air premieres today at the Toronto International Film Festival, and this morning there were portraits taken of the cast and then a press conference followed to promote the film at the Sutton Place Hotel:

EDIT: A video of the press conference is now available online at Apparently director Jason Reitman had written the role specifically for Anna and was trying to keep it under the radar! More photos have been added as well, untagged, of course.

Up in the Air Press Conference (X 33)

Up in the Air Portraits (X 10)

Check back for photos from the actual premiere (Starts at 6 p.m.) !! And if you haven’t seen it yet, scroll 2 posts down for the new New Moon Trailer!


Danielle – This is from a conference, too. ! 😀

Even more photos!

Posted on Sat, 12 September 2009 06:10:15 by annakendrick

Anna has been attending some events in Toronto prior to the Up in the Air premiere at TIFF. There was Nigel Barker’s “A Sealed Fate?” where celebs came out to support Humane Society of the United States protection of the seals, and supported George Clooney’s other TIFF movie, by attending The Men Who Stare at Goat’s Afterparty. New Moon co-star Rachelle Lefevre accompanied Anna to both events 😉 :

There are also some higher quality candids of Anna heading out of Vancouver from Just Jared:

Lainey Gossip also tweeted that “LaineyGossipat the haggis party – anna kendrick just walked in dancing and grooving with rachelle lefevre. son of a preacher man”, not sure if this is one of the above events or not, hopefully photos soon. Thanks D & L !!

Danielle – BREATHTAKING Up in the air photocall!!! She looks GORGEOUS!

Alexx – I know Danielle but thx, grrr I thought I’d get one in before you!! 😛

Danielle – Alexx, you’re welcome. 😀 And you will, I guess :D:D

Posted on Fri, 11 September 2009 02:49:09 by annakendrick

Right after the Up in the Air trailer we get another trailer for one of Anna’s upcoming movies – The Twilight Saga: New Moon! The quality isn’t the best but you can still catch “Jessica” at the .46 mark:

EDIT II: The trailer is back online, click for HD!!

“’re an adrenaline junkie now..?” Looks like Anna as Jessica Stanley will be just as hilar as in the first film ;-O.What do you guys think of the trailer? Personally I think it looks riveting and I’m not even too much of a Twilight fan!

EDIT I: Unfortunately Summit sniped the video off youtube, lucky for us however, I did manage to make one screen shot of the scene I am referring to above.


Danielle – Heeey, here comes a small tweet from lainey gossip “LaineyGossipat the haggis party – anna kendrick just walked in dancing and grooving with rachelle lefevre. son of a preacher man”

And Anna has also a new event!

With Rachelle Lefevre

Lauren – More pictures of Anna & Rachelle, these are from the “Men who stare at goats” after party hosted by George Clooney:

Danielle – Here it comes!

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