Candids: Anna and Christian arrive at LAX, Up in the Air Promo

Anna has wrapped up her scenes for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and had a safe, paparazzi-clad flight from Vancouver back to Los Angeles airport alongside Twi-human Christian Serratos {Just Jared Jr.}:

A couple new MQ photos of Natalie in Up in the Air have popped up — along with plenty more Oscar Buzz and performance praise:

tMF TALKBACK: What are the chances of Anna Kendrick winning an Oscar?
You just got to give credit to Kendrick! Her scenes with George Clooney is not easy, but she was able to deliver the goods, so to speak. She was candid and straightforward, acts quite the professional but showed she is also quite young and still trying to make her mark. I love her voice! That’s probably one of the reasons why critics noticed her. {}

Oscar Futures: Locker Blows Up, Amelia Disappears

Best Supporting Actress UP: Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air. She impresses in a new clip. Is hers the better role than Vera Farmiga’s? {}

EDIT: It has been confirmed that Up in the Air Co-star Vera Farmiga is apparently going to be nominated as Best Supporting Actress, Anna’s rival spot. While according to Entertainment Weekly it is not a good idea to have nominees from the same film competing for the same category, we think Anna deserves it, do you? Have your say in the forums!

2 thoughts on “Candids: Anna and Christian arrive at LAX, Up in the Air Promo

  1. Well, I was gonna write down “No, she doesn’t stand a chance of winning. Mo’Nique has that one locked up already.”

    But, because there’s a little rumor going around that Mo’Nique is being too demanding to help promote her own movie and asking for more money, that she’s ruining her chances of winning an Oscar. The Academy can be a bit too conservative about situations like that. Just look back @ 2007 when Eddie Murphy was set to win for Dreamgirls. Then, he lost to Alan Arkin because of Norbit. So if these rumors are true, Anna’s chances are good. If Mo’Nique doesn’t change that attitude, then expect Anna’s name to be called on stage as the winner. Plus, the ‘The Clooney Factor’ will also give her the boost.

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