Posted on Tue, 12 May 2009 04:33:26 by annakendrick

There has been coverage on how Casey Ray, a beauty salon owner, happened to find the scripts for New Moon, and another upcoming Summit film, Memoirs – which Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson is rumored to star in.

Ray found the scripts in the trash outside of a hotel in St. Louis. After contemplating sending them to a tabloid, she returned them to Summit Entertainment, and in return is getting a ticket to both the movies’ premieres.

Anna has been in that same St. Louis hotel while shooting Up in the Air recently, and as a consequence has been linked to the lost scripts. There are rumors that Anna was careless and threw the scripts in the trash can, however, Anna’s spokeswoman, Lisa Perkins, told AP that

Anna would never have left the scripts lying around, nor would she dump them in the trash

A Summit studio representative mentioned they don’t comment on any deals they do, but were thankful that Ray did the right thing by turning in the scripts. {ET Online: ‘Twilight’ Sequel Script Found in St. Louis Trash}

I think that there is no doubt the lost scripts were somehow linked to Anna, however I agree with her rep that Anna would not have just left them lying around and definitely wouldn’t have tossed them in the trash! I’m thinking someone may have known about Anna’s roles and tried to jack the scripts from her hotel room..? At any rate, we’re not sure Anna is connected and I would suppose these rumors are causing her a lot of stress right now, so I’d really hope that her fans can give her all their support :sad:!

Danielle – I dunno if she can make somethin’ like this but I am pretty sure it can be a joke from someone. It’s a weird, why SOMEONE is stealing the scripts and after that the person throw it into a basket? It’s not a good idea I think 😉

It’s absolutely weird and annoying situation. But interesting.

Dont’ ya think?

Lauren – Hey, we are all human. If it WAS her then oh well. S**t happens! Thankfully no wrong doing came of it and that is all that matters.

Alexx – Yea, it\\\’s also quite suspicious why the women was snooping around in a trashcan anyways :wassat:?

Also, don\\\’t the scripts they gave actors have their names watermarked into them for that exact same they can blame it on the actor who lost it? There was no mention of that…

Danielle – I agree with Alexx, absolutely. 😀

Adam – Some people hate to see others succeed, and those people like to spread rumors. Just plow through this, and the vultures will move on to their next victim. Your talent will overcome all. Hang in there… like bad Mexican food, this too shall pass 😉

Jack – I was at the Chinese theater in Hollywood and she showed up and I took a picture with her!! So cool…