Anna arrives in Vancouver for Eclipse, Up in the Air HQ stills!

Posted on Wed, 26 August 2009 09:16:03 by annakendrick

Anna has arrived in Vancouver with the other Twi-humans to begin filming the 3rd Twilight installment, Eclipse! You can see candids of Anna on her laptop (mac user ;-P) and walking through the airport terminal. LaineyGossip posted these candids along with Justin Chon, Christian Serratos, and Michael Welch, and also has a few comments on Anna’s ‘prestige’ at her blog {Lainey Gossip}.

Justin Chon also did an interview recently with Radaronline where he announces that the humans will do some scenes of Eclipse outside of the cafeteria! I know in the book Jessica is in the graduation scene, but are there really too many other scenes with her? maybe they will add a couple ;) ?

Paramount has released 2 new High Quality production stills that feature Anna in Up in the Air. This is just how I pictured these scenes whilst reading the script!! {Film School Rejects}:

Thanks to Danielle and Lauren for the tips!


Lauren – TeamHumans has video of Anna from Fear Itself interview:

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