Paramount has released a new clip from Up in the Air — Order Five Meals, where Natalie makes fun of Ryan for his frequent flier hobby 😀
You can view the clip in HD @ Apple.

5 meal

It has been reported that Anna will be attending the London Film Festival for its screening of Up in the Air this Sunday, so lookout for even more photos! {Empire}

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Just Jared has some photos from PSFF Rising Star Award announcement, and a blurb about the event:

Palm Springs International Film Festival Reception Announces Anna Kendrick to Receive the Festival’s Rising Star Award X5

The 24-year-old actress dished on working with George Clooney, saying, “By day four of filming, you’re so comfortable around him. He’s so charming and so quick witted and fun that it’s impossible to be nervous.”

Anna also opened up about Twilight’s success. She shared, “We had no idea the kind of magnitude of the success that it was about to have.” {Anna Kendrick Is A Rising Star}

E! met up with Anna at the announcement and questioned her about the award, George Clooney, her Twilight co-stars :

Taylor will certainly capture the hearts of many people who thought they only had eyes for Rob, he’s so cute. He’s such a cutie. You meet Taylor and there’s something really special about him, he’s so warm. He’s so different from Rob and different from Kristen. There’s something about him that feels he’s sort of built for this.”

God bless [Robert and Kristen]. They seem to be handling it so well, so much better than I could ever imagine it for myself. I don’t know how they manage to stay so normal and level-headed. There’s a part of me that gets frustrated that they’re on the cover of a magazine and it’s says they’re engaged!” You just want to scream. You just want to hold the magazine up and scream to everyone in the supermarket, ‘This isn’t true!'”

“It was interesting to fly with George and see his techniques for not getting noticed,” she explained. “I’m not going to blow his cover, but he doesn’t go in disguise. It’s fascinating that 99 percent of the plane never knows he’s on board.” “I was so nervous the entire time [filming Up in the Air]. “I thought they’d fire me and hire Scarlett Johansson.” {Anna Kendrick to Receive Rising Star Award}

Twilight co-star Michael Welch also gave an interview where he comments on Anna’s accumulating fame. {}

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I just found Jess’s prom dress.

And,I have many HQ photos of Anna from older events, if you want, send me e-mail and I’ll send you. 😀

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Anna was in Beverly Hills last night at a press conference where she was announced the recipient of the Rising Star Award from the 21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. In this ET special, we can see Anna is absolutely gleaming with the news! And much deserved!

The official awards gala will be held Tuesday, January 5, 2010 in Palm Springs, California hosted by ET anchor Mary Hart. Additionally, a press release from the Palm Springs International Film Society states why they selected Anna for the award:

Commenting on the selection, Matzner said, “Anna Kendrick is an extremely gifted young actress. At age 12, she received a Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for her role as Dinah in High Society. Now in her mid-20s, she has gone from strength to strength with each succeeding screen roll. Given her striking, multifaceted performance in Up in the Air, we are delighted to present her with the Festival’s Rising Star Award.” Past recipients of the Rising Star Award include Adam Beach, Jessica Biel, Dakota Fanning, Emile Hirsch, Bryce Dallas Howard, Terrence Howard and Scarlett Johansson. {Anna Kendrick to Receive Rising Star Award}

It’s amazing what a whirlwind of awards and media Anna has been blown into — even months before Up in the Air has been released! Oscars anyone?!!

Besides the new award, Anna is gearing up for a charity event in support of gay marriage. E! reports that celebrities including Anna are helping to raise money for gay rights group FAIR by taking part in an online auction of celebrity-signed prints of artist Shepard Fairey’s “Defend Equality Love Unites,” a poster in support of gay marriage. We hole-heartedly agree with Anna’s signature:

Kim Kardashian colored in the thumbnail of the fist featured in the work, while Twilight star Anna Kendrick signed, “Love is a right. Not a privilege.” {Stars come out in support of Gay Marriage!}

The Fall Fair Out event will take place November 12, 2009 at Andez West Hollywood — there are still tickets available! {The Love Unites Shepard Fairt Equality Project}

Thanks so much to Lauren for the tips, photos coming soon!

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Here exclusively are photos from Anna’s October 10th appearance at the Hamptons International Film Festival :) ! She attended two events including the Up in the Air Screening and the Chairman’s Reception:

Chairman’s Reception Honoring The NYFCC during HIFF X 3

17th Annual HIFF screening of “Up In The Air” X 4

JйhBueno – omg, she’s soo beautfil! I need this pics, noo tags

Lauren – Two things:

Anna is getting the Rising Star Award at the PSIFF:

And she is also involved in a gay marriage rights auction:

Awesome for her! :)

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There has been lots of internet buzz lately about an on-set romance between Anna and Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World director Edgar Wright. The original source of this info was UK tabloid Star Magazine, and the romance has not been verified by any of the two parties. Until it is confirmed, we have to take this as a rumor and note that it is probably completely FALSE. Here is what Star said:

TWILIGHT star ANNA KENDRICK found love on the set of her new movie SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD – with her director EDGAR WRIGHT.
The pair fell for each other this summer while shooting the comedy, despite a 10 year age difference.
But sources insist Shaun of the Dead filmmaker Wright, 35, went to great lengths to keep their relationship secret from cast and crew members.
An insider tells Star magazine, “They took pains to keep the romance under wraps.” {KENDRICK AND WRIGHT FIND LOVE ON SET}

Anna was in New York this weekend, and apparently attended the Hamptons Film Festival October 10th screening for Up in the Air. It is possible that Anna could attend any of the many other upcoming film festivals for Up in the Air including screenings in Rome, Italy, Mill Valley, California, Austin, Texas and Palm Springs, California. Anna is expected to appear at the Palms Spring Film Festival in California on Thursday, October 29th. A limited number of tickets are available for the 7:00 screening at Regal cinemas! {Acclaimed Toronto Film Festival entries get local previews }

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MTV has released another clip from their interview with Anna from Up in the Air @ TIFF. In this one Anna mentions her role in Scott Pilgrim.

Blackbook has also released a snippet of their interview and shoot with Anna:
“I’m allowing myself to think about the possibility that [Up in the Air] could be a big deal, because I think the worst thing would be to get caught off guard.”

“I always convince myself [premieres] are going to be fun, but having that much energy thrown at you is always jarring.” {We Like to Watch: Anna Kendrick of Up in the Air}.

Hopefully the two interviews will be released in the full soon, as well as the cute new Hellin Kay photoshoot. Apparently, Anna has already watched New Moon (and is London?), according to her Oct 1 Twitter:

October 1 – Got to watch a little of the scoring session for new moon at George Martin Air recording studios w/ London symphony. RAD. Seeing film today.

I’m going to be reorganizing the site with wordpress soon, so if the site is down for a little while that is why ;).

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There are a few new New Moon photos from the Official Companion Book including Anna as Jessica with the other Twilight humans. Credit – Danielle via Ralphy137:

EDIT: We now have one more clearer promo pic, again thanks to Danielle, cute!

I’ve also added some more screencaps from the Fear Itself Featurette, New Moon Extended Trailer, and a couple randoms I had stashed up:

I have a few site surprises lined up too, so stay tuned :-} !


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The theatrical trailer for Up in the Air has been released, see the two and a half minutes in HD @ Apple, or below with HQ screencaps:

Up in the Air Theatrical Trailer Screencaps X 95

The release date, however, has unfortunately been postponed again — this time later than the original date. Wide release will be December 25, 2009 (Christmas day) while the limited and expanded releases will be December 4 and December 11, respectively. No one is quite sure why Paramount decided to make the switch {Screencrave}.

I’ve also updated the gallery with a higher quality photos, including a couple new ones from recent appearances:

Danielle – Hi! Anna is in The Official Illustrated Movie Companion book!

taken from

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Anna is featured in the October edition of Blackbook Magazine for their up and coming actors issue along with Twilight co-stars Kellan Lutz and Xavier Samuel. Two black and white preview photos have surfaced from the shoot. The Blackbook website has an interview with Kellan Lutz, so hopefully there will be one with Anna coming up as well.

Additionally, MTV has added an expanded clip to their earlier interview of Anna at the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as an article and accompanying transcript. :

MTV: Have you seen a big change in Rob and Kristen since they’ve become famous, or are they the same?

Kendrick: No, of course they’re the same. Yeah, of course. They’re so levelheaded. They’ve handled it so, so gracefully. I really don’t know [how I would’ve handled it]. I would have gone insane at this point! But they manage to be handling it in stride. {Anna Kendrick Says Fame Hasn’t Changed Her ‘Twilight’ Co-Stars}

Finally, yet another film festival has taken up Up in the Air. The Hamtons International Film Festival in New York will be screening the film on October 10 at 9:30 PM. Here is the full list of upcoming Up in the Air Festivals & info:

  • October 4th – Woodstock Film Festival, NY – INFO

  • October 10th – Hamptons International Film Festival, NY – INFO
  • October 29 – Austin Film Festival, TX –INFO

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Thanks to Danielle @ Nikki Reed’s World we have some gorge-oiss fan photographs from the New Moon set in August. Anna also mentioned on a September 19th Twitter update that she “Did ADR for New Moon yesterday. Saw all of 30 seconds but I can say we are VERY well lit. I’m not sure what that means either…?

I also have a few magazine scans — the Twi-humans are featured in US Weekly’s “The Sexy Star’s of Twilight New Moon”, with an on-set photo of Anna as Jessica and a blurb about portraying her. Additionally, I have uploaded camera phone pics of an older US Weekly about the Anna/ New Moon script trash scandal. Unfortunately they are not the best quality snaps, but Anna is just mentioned in passing and there is a photo of KStew & Rob on-set and then one of the lady who turned in the script.

Fan Photos

Magazine Scans

Next for Up in the Air are some more film festival showings! The film will be closing both the Woodstock Film Festival in New York on October 4th and the Austin Film Festival on October 29th! Cinematical also recently praised Anna’s performance on Up in the Air and mentions how the festivals are ridden with amazing performances by women this year:
These fests showcase tomorrow’s films, so in some ways, TIFF is a peek into the future. And it’s one where women defy what’s expected of them. At the moment, I’m calling it the Anna Kendrick effect. While she might be one of the youngest Tony Award nominees ever, this actress shot into the public eye with a supporting role in that incessant, sparkly piece called Twilight. Her performance was fine, but she really wasn’t given enough for a large buzz to commence, especially while under the shadow of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. But now she’s got a co-starring role in Jason Reitman’s new Up in the Air — a role where she must hold her own against George Clooney and Vera Farmiga. And she does. In fact, she’s so good that her performance has been getting a lot of buzz up here in Toronto — and it’s proved one thing: We might see women and blow them off as nothing more than the crazy jealous friend, but there can be a lot of other talent in there if given a solid role to prove it. {Girls on Film: Women, TIFF, and the Future}

There was also a small new promo shot of Anna as Natalie accompanying the review, which you can also see in the gallery.

Comments: Danielle – Hi! I guess here is a new photoshoot of Anna?