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I’ve made a ton of screen caps from Anna’s latest Up in the Air related appearances and interviews:

LSQ @ LFF Up in the Air Screening X 97 {watch}:

Elizabeth Toni @ LFF Up in the Air Screening X91 {watch}:

Empire Online @ LFF Up in the Air Screening X14 {watch}:

LSQ @ LFF Up in the Air Press Conference X293 {Part I}, {Part II}, {Part III}:

Moving Pictures Interview X46 {Part I}, {Part II}:

EDIT: you can also view an uncapped video from LFF at HDTV.

Anna has wrapped up her scenes for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and had a safe, paparazzi-clad flight from Vancouver back to Los Angeles airport alongside Twi-human Christian Serratos {Just Jared Jr.}:

A couple new MQ photos of Natalie in Up in the Air have popped up — along with plenty more Oscar Buzz and performance praise:

tMF TALKBACK: What are the chances of Anna Kendrick winning an Oscar?

You just got to give credit to Kendrick! Her scenes with George Clooney is not easy, but she was able to deliver the goods, so to speak. She was candid and straightforward, acts quite the professional but showed she is also quite young and still trying to make her mark. I love her voice! That’s probably one of the reasons why critics noticed her. {}

Oscar Futures: Locker Blows Up, Amelia Disappears

Best Supporting Actress UP: Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air. She impresses in a new clip. Is hers the better role than Vera Farmiga’s? {}

EDIT: It has been confirmed that Up in the Air Co-star Vera Farmiga is apparently going to be nominated as Best Supporting Actress, Anna’s rival spot. While according to Entertainment Weekly it is not a good idea to have nominees from the same film competing for the same category, we think Anna deserves it, do you? Have your say in the forums!

Jessica and the Forks humans!

EDIT – Now in HQ:

Anna has also updated her Twitter — Eclipse Set October 21st:

On hold in Vancouver today. The Informant! A Serious Man. Where the Wild Things Are. All in all, not a bad day. Last day of shooting tmrw.9:04 PM Oct 21st from web

And evidently she has seen her Order Five Meals clip :D:

# Look Mom! I’m in a movie with George Clooney! And I’m mean to him! (From Up in the Air – hope you enjoy) 23 hours ago from web

Remember to keep voting for Anna at the People’s Choice Awards! You can also get to the link with one of the quick links I’ve added to the sidebar 😉

The Times BFI London Film Festival: Up in the Air Screening X20

The Times BFI London Film Festival: Up in the Air After Party X11

The Times BFI London Film Festival: Up in the Air Photocall X23

Leicester Square TV has a video interview of Anna at the London premiere of Up in the Air, catch her in Hi def at 1:32:

Also in Hi def are four parts to the London Press Conference:

Screencrave also has a write-up and photograph from the conference:

Jason, I read that you wrote the role with George Clooney in mind. Is that true?

Jason: Yeah, I wrote the role with him in mind and with Vera and Anna in mind as well. It’s easier for me to write when I know who I’m actually writing for. That’s often how I identify the voice of the character. I had met Vera before and I’d seen many of her films. I knew the things that she was able to do that no other actresses is capable of doing. It was because she was able to walk that very fine line of being aggressive and feminine at the same time that I was able to write balance for what I did. It was because I saw Anna in “Rocket Science” and knew the sparkle and brilliance of her mind and how fast she is that I was able to write Natalie the way I did. If you’re going to make a movie about a guy who fires people for a living and you still want to like him, that actor better be dam charming and I don’t think there’s a more charming actor alive than George Clooney. I was very lucky he said yes.

Anna, what in particular appealed to you about your character?

Anna Kendrick: First it’s that sort of rare thing. This girl who is so intelligent and complicated and her character does not revolve around a romantic story line. That was enough to make it fascinating in itself because it just doesn’t happen, you don’t read scripts like that. I was normally so timid in real life that I’m really excited my character is someone who gets to tell people off and I’m telling off George Clooney, which is pretty awesome.

Anna, how did you feel when you got this role?

Anna: I was shocked beyond belief because I thought Jason hated me. My audition was very plain and I think Jason was trying to suck me out by showing any kind of enthusiasm, but I thought he hated me. When I got the job I was so shocked and I thought he we just like that, he’s just going to be a time rack on set. But he’s very, very nice. I was surprised. I was thrilled beyond words. the script is so beautiful. And I didn’t think that George was doing it, for whatever reason I just assumed it was just too good to be true for a script to be this good and to be working with George Clooney, I just thought it was one of those things were it was rumored. And then Jason told me the Italy story and I got really excited. That was one of the funnest parts, seeing him, eating lunch with him, trying to act like, “Oh right, of course, you knew me,” because I’d do that kind of thing. {LFF: Up in the Air Press Conference – Reitman, Farminga, Kendrick}

I’ve also added higher quality Candids of Anna exchanging currency at the Vancouver airport this morning.

After a whirlwind Up in the Air promotion in London, Anna is back to filming. She traveled to the Eclipse set in Vancouver, where she will film the graduation scenes at Forks High. She looked absolutely adorable toting her suitcase in braids and a newsboy cap:

Edit: Updated with HQ and untagged

Lainey blogs about the new precautions taken for the Eclipse set

Anna is in town to work on the graduation party which will shoot at the Cullen House. Interesting note for the fans, and a freebie here for the jockriding old tour lady who doesn’t know how to credit, during New Moon the Cullen House interiors were filmed at a local residence. This time around, for whatever reason, they decided to build the sets in studio instead. Not cheap but at least it keeps the actors away from the riffraff and the stalkers, the Twi-Hards local and international who seem to have all the time in the world to be at every location every day, waiting for hours outside the hotels, eager to pounce on their favourites. {Anna Kendrick comes back to Party}

Lainey blogged about Anna in London. Thanks Danielle for the tip! Look at all this media frenzy lately — Is Anna the new Rob? 😮

Two HellinKay outtakes from the shoot with Black Book Magazine have been added. One looks like the original photo and one we haven’t seen before — gorgeous!!

I have found a rare video interview Anna did with Moving Pictures Magazine while promoting Up in the Air in Toronto a few weeks back. She talks about traveling, being awed at her co-stars, the casting process, TIFF, and being defensive when people laugh at her character in Up in the Air :-D. Click the screen caps for the corresponding interviews:

Anna has been nominated for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards under the ‘Breakout Actress’ category! She is up against quite a few other rising actresses including Abbie Cornish, Carey Mulligan, Emily Osment, Ginnifer Goodwin, Melanie Laurent, Miley Cyrus, Moon Bloodgood, Naturi Naughton, Rashida Jones, Sofia Vassilieva, and Zoe Saldana.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think in terms of acting talent Anna is the clear winner!! Twilight is also up for best movie, while other co-star nominations include Taylor Lautner for Favorite Breakout Actor, Robert Pattinson for Favorite Actor, Kristen Stewart for Favorite Actress, and all three for the Favorite on-screen team.


Just Jared has updated us with high quality photos of Anna at the London Up in the Air screening yesterday, as well as the After Party that took place at Asia De Cuba following the screening. Interesting is that Scott Pilgrim director and Anna’s rumored beau Edgar Wright was in attendance – coincidence or something more? Have your say in the forums. I have also updated other recent appearances:

There is also a new promo pic of Jessica and Bella at the movies, this is from a gaming card collection (thanks Danielle):

A reminder to ask before using our photos in your Anna site — especially if you are going to tag them as your own. As you can see we credit our sources.

Anna attended the Up in the Air screening following this morning’s photocall at the BFI London Film Festival. She looked very elegant in a LBD black dress and formal updo, and looks absolutely delighted as she mingles with fans on the red carpet and shares a laugh with Vera Farmiga:

Just Jared Jr. has also dazzled us with some HQ photos of the photocall this morning:

Anna’s October 16th Tweet regard her travels to London 😀 :

About to get on a plane for London Film Festival. Every time I go through airport security it feels like a publicity stunt for Up in the Air

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